Cover Page-
Chapter 907-The Empty Throne
The cover page is still showing Orlumbus’s Tales
Here we see Orlumbus and his Fleet Yontomaria leaving their Kingdom(Probably forever) as he resigned from his early title as a Privateer of the Kingdom.
He is also taking all the 56 ships of the Yonotmaria Fleet,which probably belong to the Kingdom and thus charged with theft.
The King is rather furious and giving orders to fire cannons at the Yontomaria Fleet
But whats interesting is that Orlumbus is crying like a young adult does when he leaves his home to fulfill his duties.
We also see that he is saluting the King(Probably the whole kingdom) for one last time and that too like a marine(privateer).

This shows that he holds deep respects for his king and kingdom.
He is indeed a man of honor. Though a Pirate now he is still Privateer of the Kingdom till the End.

NOTE-“On the side we also see some news regarding One Piece Novel A- Ace’s Novel”

Page 1-
The First Panel shows the now wrecked up Whole Cake Castle,of course mama is still furious.
If you look closely,you’ll see thunderbolts/lightning above the castle,
As Zeus is with not Mama then its probably a natural storm.
Mama is inside the castle sitting on her usual throne/chair.Few Sweet Homies and Prometheus are also there.On the next panel we see a knife poked to Luffy’s Poster. That shows Mama’s anger at him.
Mama is talking to someone on Den-Den Mushi.., Wait look closely at the Den-Den Mushi,that appearance…its Kaido…damn…
She tells him that she wants to take Strawhat’s head and need to get something back from him… What might that be..?? Its Zeus…!!
Also apparently Kaidou owes Big Mom some Huge Debt from long ago.

Bam…Enter Kaido…As usual with a bottle/pot of Sake.
Apparently he calls Big Mom by her name..,of course because they are of nearly same age and from same era. He tells Big Mom that he’ll kill her if she dares come in Wano.
To which BM replies feel free to try and gives him a warning.
She also tells him to get along just like the old days.
Here we also see one of Kaido’s underling is quite intimidated by Big Mom.

Page 3-
The First Panel takes us to the New Marine HQ.
Few Vice Admirals with Black Den-Den Mushi hears the talk between Big Mom and Kaido.
They are all tensed and alerts have been raised.There’s panic all over.
In Sakazuki’s Office, Kizaru asks him whether he should go to Wano.
Akainu stops him by saying that they don’t know the strength of the forces of Wano (Samurais)

Page 4-
The first Panel show the Red Port again..
What the fuck…Did someone just refered Garp as Garp-Chan????
Who is old enough to say that…I still can’t figure out who actually said that
but its probably the new girl/lady who is probably Chaton.
Momousagi and Chaton are the 2 candidates to become one of the new Admirals during time-skip.
Here we see Garp and few other Marine officers having lunch. Its probably a Marine Cafeteria, as i can only see Marines in here.

About Chaton-She is probably a Vice Admiral too,thatswhy she called Garp as her equal.
She is wearing a tight shirt showing her big Cleavage(..XD (; ) and a sexy mini short… Damn She is hot. Also notice on her right thigh she has got a Spider Tattoo.
About Momousagi-He is wearing a checked coat.He also wears a Boater hat. He is also a Vice-Admiral.
We also see Hina Smoking as usual. An another Vice Admiral with long straight hair like Strawberry.
Also as Wano is not affliated to WG,thus it being outside of Marine’s Jurisdiction,they probably won’t interfere.
Also notice Hina to called Garp as Garp-Kun.Damn She is too young to call him that its probably because they have the same rank and they might be friendly close.
Well Garp doesn’t care about that anyway.

Page 5-
Whoa…The Cafeteria and the dining table is freaking big.
I mean look at the Giant and the bite of meat in his mouth..And he holding the whole barrel of sake in his hand. Btw the Piece of meat Garp holding is as big as what the Giant is holding.
We see another Giant(a small one) or probably he is just tall and big,
though identity unknown and he has funny hair like of those in Cartoon Characters.
Also Don’t Forget Django and Full Body as usual sticking with Hina.
But should they be allowed to eat on the same table as vice Admirals??
Django probably ran out of booze and trying to get some from the barrel of the Giant.

Anyway more Importantly,
Hina says something crazy but Garp didn’t let her finish.
We all thought Garp was hailed as the Hero of Marines because of his duels with Pirate king Gol D Roger….but apparently there is more to that story than meets the eye.
Garp interupts and refers to it as “Rocks”.He is also surprised that Hina is aware of that incident as she is so young. Which means the Incident is pretty old(probably 30-40 yrs)
He also says that before Roger came along, it was “their era…”
Their who??? Probably It was Big Mom and Kaidou’s era …and it was more than 40 years ago.
Also notice what Hina said then…“Even though they lost their captain, their
power is still growing”…Whose Captain????
If you look at all the facts carefully,one of the most hyped theories might fit the whole scenario. The theory where Kaidou and Linlin get together to take down a Yonkou which was the former captain of the Beast Pirates. And theorists say…
The Former Captain of the Beast Pirates is Avalo Pizzaro.
So it might be true..Thats how Kaido became a Yonkou and Pizzaro went to Impel Down.
This might very well be the Huge Debt, Big Mom was talking about.

Also Mark the closing statement by Garp.“It would be a Real threat,if they were to make a comeback.. It would be a incident too far beyond out imaginations”??They Who??? BM and Kaidou???
What kind of incident???So many Questions…

Page 6-
Finally back to Mary Geoise(Pangaea Castle)
The Empty Throne.…hahhaa Oda is seriously inspired by the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. Though its quite different if you look closely
The Throne itself is not made from Swords unlike the Iron Throne.
The throne is normal and has a World Govt symbol on it.
The Head of the Throne looks like the blade of the Sword(and its big)
There are swords all around the Throne.
There are also 10 guards protecting it, 5 at each side.

As named, The Empty Throne is meant to be the Centre of the World and no one is allowed to sit on the Throne.
An old man looking like Priest asks Sterry to take Pledge which apparently symbolizes that the will not try to take the Throne for himself in Greed.

Page 7-
There are exactly 20 swords/axes(weapons) which surrounds the Throne, which belong  to the 20 Kings who created the World Govt.
Apparently the Founding 20 members made their Pledge in the Throne room 800 years ago which is confirmed by looking at the weapons…which are old and rusty.
The vacancy of the Empty Throne symbolizes the Peace of the World.
It is also states that, Gorosei have The Highest Authority in the World and are
at the Helm of the Celestial Dragons.
And there is No Single “King” of the World. Which nullifies my theory of having a Supreme King. Finally a closer look at the Empty Throne.Its Handles has Lion’s Faces, In the Indian subcontinent, the traditional Sanskrit name for the throne was singhāsana (lit., seat of a lion).
There are also three layers/stairs which are covered by a Carpet, probably to keep it clean,quite intriguing as no one ever sits on it anyway. So What’s the need of the make it look good..??? The Front of the throne is round having a World Govt. Emblem on it. And a very large head like a sword’s blade.

Page 8-
Back to the Socialising Plaza, We see a Giant trying to capture Shirahoshi.
The Giant is a Slave, judging by the Claw of Celestial Dragons marked on him.
And we all know who is behind all this..yeah you are right that scumbag St.Charlos(with a single s) as he could not capture a mermaid of this size himself,
he brought a Giant Slave with him.
Also notice the Other Kings and their escorts are all running away from Charlos.
Does that mean even after being a king of some country they are still afraid of Celestial Dragons??? Why is that??

But Vivi and Rebecca at least try to save Shirahoshi. But they are stopped.
Even Fucking Wapol is scared of Celestial Dragon.
BTW where the hell is King Cobra,King Ricko,King Elizabello,and their escorts, I mean if they were present in the socializing Plaza surely they would have done something to stop this situation.

Page 9-
Sai is holding Rebecca and telling her to not act recklessly against a Celestial Dragon. The Neptune Family is angry by seeing this.
Charlos refers to the Giant as Slave no.3. Just how many slaves does this Bastard has anyway…
Wapol and the other Princes and Kings are scared as fuck.. look closely they are even crying
Even the Princes who proposed to Shirahoshi in the Last Chapter are running away.
And Charlos is doing his Stupid Winning Dance…ahh Snotty Bastard I hate him as fuck.
Btw That bastard is not wearing any air bubble as they in their so called heaven right now
Leo rushes to save Shirahoshi holding a spear(small one though) in his hand.
Sai also rushes after him but then he is kicked back by someone and Leo is captured by that person too…To track Leo’s speed...Who might this person is??

Page 10-
Its Rob Lucci...Actually CP-0, Stussy and Kaku are there along with that tall mask guy (identity still not revealed). Lucci really beat Leo,we can see him laying injured.
Ohh BTW on closer look The Pirate symbol of Tontattas is a skull with Noland’s head crest.
BTW what’s the deal with Lucci and Kaku…How come they transferred from CP-9 to CP-0.
I can understand about Lucci,but Kaku?? He wasn’t that strong…I mean Zoro defeated him pre-time skip. Maybe they have gotten much more stronger post time skip.

Rob Lucci refers Celestial Dragons as Gods who created the World and other kings as kings of the Lower World…Why is he doing so Ass Licking…

Page 11-
Leo is injured..,Princess Mansherry is healing him with her heal-heal fruit powers. Sai is also hurt by Lucci’s kick..,Rebecca is also by their side..,
Vivi refers Shirahoshi as her friend and tells them to release her.
King Neptune is pissed.He thanks Vivi for her Kindness.
He says that “unfortunately he have to give up…”
Give up..??? Give up on what you say..??
Give up on shifting the Fishmen kind to the surface.
He says “he’ll return to the Sea and additionally says that he wouldn’t be able to bring all Fishmen to the surface anyway??”
What does that mean??? Can’t everyone just swim their way up once the treaty is signed. I don’t get it why would he say that.
I mean there are plenty of ways for fishmen to get to the surface..heck even the children can swim to the surface.

Page 12-
Charlos orders CP-0 to kill Neptune. Lucci agrees(Shocking..!! Killing a King in the Reverie)
Can this happen..just how much authority does CD’s have…they can even kill kings from other countries.
Even after all this my dear Shirahoshi still tells her father King Neptune
that he shouldn’t hate them(CDs).
And just in the small right Panel, you’ll see a man Holding a mace saying “Hey”
And then its a Homerun…Damn that was one powerful hit.

In the first panel, Charlos is still skidding by the hit,that is a long distance.
We can even see the shadow of the man holding a mace.
Upon knowing that he is a Celestial Dragon everyone in the Plaza including Wapol is shocked(eyes popping out-typical oda style)
He also orders the Giant Slave to let go of the Princess.
He even apologized to everyone for Charlos’s behaviour.
Damn who can this Celestial Dragon be?? Can a CD be this good of a person.
So far in the series we have only seen CDs’ who are Scumbag bastards.
But this person.., its the complete opposite.
Also notice Lucci’s nervousness...(What happened to you know huhh.. asslicker)
He says that he is indebted to Ryugu Kingdom and have been waiting for their arrival.

Page 14-
Holy Fuck!! The Celestial Dragon is Mjosgard(Don Quixote Mjosgard). The Scum who stranded on Fishmen Island ten years ago. He is a Descendant of the Don Quixote Family,the same as Doffy’s. He really changed.
He says Queen Otohime opened his eyes and made him Human.
I can’t believe thsi he really changed for good…Just what the hell did Otohime
did back then.

Now moving onto the main Cliffhanger of the Chapter.
In the Gorosei room(called The Authority Room)- Does that mean they have the biggest authority after all..??
BTW why they fuck are they so tall i mean look at their legs…It like Giraffe’s.
Anyway they look superbusy as every one of them is holding documents in their hands.
Apparently a man in robes came in hiding to meet Gorosei. And guess who is it..
It’s Shanks-Red Haired Shanks of the Yonkou. Notice the size of the room it’s gigantic.
Gorosei asked the Guards to leave the room.
Shanks wants to talk to Gorosei about a certain Pirate…Any guesses who??
Well I have few hunches…We all know about it. It may be Blackbeard or Luffy.
BTW what got me wondering is why the Gorosei favors Shanks this much.
I mean he is a pirate after all and a Yonko at that.
And him being all alone in Mary Geoise,Gorosei can easily overpower him and kill/arrest him.

I mean why would he take so much risk.
Just What the hell is going to happen…Man I am so hyped.
My adrenaline rush is off the charts.
I can only imagine big things happening after this.
Get ready guys!!! One Piece is entering a whole new phase.
-Big Mom Kaidou Alliance
-Strawhats in Wano
-Mjosgard belongs to Don Quixote Family
-Shanks in Mary Geoise
-Revolutionary Army in Mary Geoise
-Blackbeard upto something

Ohhhh Damn can’t wait to know whats gonna happen next

Made by NoxDRaz

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