Can Zunisha be One of the Ancient Weapons??

Can Zunisha be One of the Ancient Weapons??

Zunisha is a Naitamie-Norida elephant that wanders the New World and carries the island of Zou on its back.

SBS83 5 Zunisha

Zunisha has the appearance of a massive elephant, comparable to an island in sheer scale; its legs are disproportionately and extremely long, such that it can walk on the sea floor while the rest of its body remains above the water. Its legs have two joints. However, it has comparatively small eyes which have sunken deep into their sockets, being barely visible at most times and giving the impression that it has no eyes at all. Its skin is heavily wrinkled, reflecting its old age, and its ears are tattered and frayed at the edges.

That’s the info you will get on wiki, ever wondered what is the real truth, or what might be the real truth… Let’s have a look at this theory which explains exactly What Zunisha might be.

Some Facts:

  • Zunisha is the oldest living creature introduced in the series, with its lifetime predating even the Void Century.
  • Zunisha’s design was based on the painting The Elephants by the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí; its species name read backward is “ダリノエミタイナ象", which means “Zunisha is something like Dalí’s painting". The Elephants are notorious for being quite gigantic elephants with buildings on their back and extremely long legs similar to those of the animals on Long Ring Long Land.
  • Zunisha’s species is named “Naitamie-Norida". “Mie" and “Norida" together can mean “gone too far" in Japanese.
  • Zunisha may be based on the “World Elephant" Hindu concept, which is that a turtle supports elephants which carry the whole world on their backs.
  • Zunisha bears a resemblance to Heimaey, an Icelandic volcanic island with a cliff face shaped like an elephant.
  • The kanji 象主 means “elephant lord".
  • “Zunisha" as a word may stem from “Ganesha“, the elephant-headed Hindu deity.
  • According to Miyagi, the Minks will one day have to leave Zunisha’s back and move elsewhere. He also suggested that Zunisha may not just be randomly walking the ocean, but is heading somewhere.

The mighty elephant, widely regarded as a symbol of strength and power, makes an appearance in many of the works of Salvador Dalí. In the Surrealist master’s prints, sculptures, and paintings, elephants have long, spindly, multi-jointed legs that appear structurally incapable of supporting the animal’s body. Although realistically-proportioned elephants are depicted in Dalí’s Swans Reflecting Elephants (1937), his iconic long-legged fantastical beasts were first seen in the artist’s painting Dream Caused … Read more

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