Chapter 906 Review

Cover Page-
The title reads-“The Holy Land of Mary Geoise”
What you should pay attention to is the spelling of “Mary Geoise“…
Apparently Oda uses “Mary Geoise” instead of “Marie Jois“…
On the cover page of the chapter you can see Orlumbus and his daughter Columbus on a
cleaning check of the ship.
As i said in the last chapter though a pirate Orlumbus thinks of himself as a classy
adventurer and likes cleanliness.
His daughter is also like him. See the checking of dirt on their fingers and their facial expressions showing that there is still dirt left to clean.

Anyways in the last cover photo they woke up at 6am and now they came to check the lobby around 10am…,What were they doing these 4 hours..??
Also should there be that much dirt in the middle of an ocean.
His daughter is feary btw, look how is she stepping on that cabin boy…
PS. she is not wearing any pants or skirt..heheh Other than that her outfit is classy just like her father.

Page 1-
On the right side Panel,you can see that the no.2 Bondola carrying Ryugu family and other Royals reached the top of the Red Line.
Also notice there is a no.4 Bondola already ducked..,that makes you think just how many Bondolas are there..??
There are few more things worth of noticing such as
1. At this height the bubbles are shrinking..See the size of the bubbles in the atmosphere..
Also the main bubble of the no.2 Bondola became small compare to how big it was in the last chapter.
2. Second thing, There are dents in the Red line..They say that the rock of the Red Line is so hard, one can’t even put a scratch on it and yet we saw many big dents in last chapter and also here at the top we can see some dents on the red line.

On the bottom panel..
Notice the statues inside the Red Line..
Those statues looks like real soldiers,some are holding swords and some are holding spears
but whats more interesting to me is that they are placed inside of a column which is
made in the Red Line…Like How did they manage to carve a perfect square in the Red Line..
Also to make those Gigantic stairs, they had to carve out a slope first in the Red Line.

See the dots on the stairs..,yeah those are Shirahoshi and the Others…See just how small they look compare to the stairs.. And to those who always thought that Red Line is indestructible.., hear out something,Even for making the Mary Geoise on top of Red Line they must had to level the surface and stuff, like to make such huge stairs, they must had to dug a lot of Rock. So the conclusion is that Red Line is not Indestructible.
Thats solves the mystery that Red Line is Unbreakable… It can be carved with some technique or enough power i guess

Page 2-
Here we finally see The Holy Land of Mary Geoise up close..
The Palace has 6 floors and a big dome on top.
For those who don’t know Mary Geoise resembles the Château de Chambord, located in France.

On zooming in you’ll see ,many small palaces..,its almost like a town…
Probably each King has his own Palace..and their family lives in it.

Also notice that the trees are artificially planted,so again they had to dug the Red Line to plant Trees..
One more interesting thing to notice is the Travelator...its just like a Excellator only without a slope…like an excellator for the ground..
The Guard gives Shirahoshi and the other merfolks a connecting Cane to the Travelator…
But no other Royal has been given any cane…Actually there is a reason behind it…as merfolk can’t walk on surface…they are basically floating with the help of bubbles and by holding the cane they can move on the Travelator…

And Sterry as usual does dumb shit…falls down.

Page 3-
Fukaboshi suggests that they should walk to their destination so that they could
enjoy the scenery…,but there is other reason behind he had a bad feeling
about the Travelator… Apparently he was right the Travelator is run by slaves.

Page 4-
From one of the small Palaces in front of Mary Geoise,Saint.Charloss(yeah that Bastard from Sabaody) spots Shirahoshi and wishes to have her. By seeing this, my guess from earlier was right… The Celestial Dragons don’t live inside the Mary Geoise rather they have their own palaces in front of Mary Geoise.

Finally we got a close look of the front gate of the Mary Geoise Castle.
It has a World Govt. symbol on the front wall above the gate.
It looks like a normal castle with not so big gates and there are no cannons to be seen.. Unlike Marineford it looks like a normal Palace. The defense is not so uptight perhaps because they know,its not possible to reach there by normal means let alone attack it.

Page 5-
we are inside the castle- The Socailizing Plaza, as the name suggests everyone is
getting acquainted with one another.. Different Kings,Queens,Princes and princesses, all are meeting one another…while their escorts are still on guard.

There are also tables and chair and dining facilities, Food is being served. It’s almost like a Seven Star Hotel Service.

Page 6-
On page 6 we see different kings approaching Shirahoshi for her hand in marriage with their sons to which Shirahoshi as usual replied by saying none of you are my type.. which angered them..
hahaha that was funny….Btw I would love to know what is Shirahoshi’s type…XD
Btw the King with the Cap and Cigar looks like American and the handsome one looks like French/Italian or Spanish king..

Page 7-
Here we see Vivi and Karue talking to Rebecca and Leo.They both are getting acquainted as they both know Luffy.We also see Princess Mansherry,Kabu and Bian.
Btw its just me or Vivi has really became so beautiful…(love)

One more interesting thing is, the Snow Rabbit from the Drum Kingdom is also
accompanying Dr.Kureha and he seems to be wearing a hat similar to Chopper’s
and actual clothes…there’s no.1 written on its shirt.
Also look at the antlers….Looks like Kureha found herself a new pet.
Also Did you guys notice Dr.Kureha’s shirt…OMG where did she get that.., it reads “WANTED 100 Berries
Hahahaha for those who don’t know  what that means…that Chopper’s Bounty!!!

Page 8-
If you look really close in the right panel… you could see a Pirate symbol on Leo’s Hat. I am not sure but it resembles Strawhats Jolly Roger.
If thats true then he really is daring to wear it in the Reverie.

Page 9-
Vivi and Rebecca are chatting in a lawn when Shirahoshi suddenly joins in the conversation We can also see a beautiful fountain behind them..,it also has a nude lady’s statue… Man its beautiful…
Ohh btw looking at huge Shirahoshi, the Tontattas and Karue gets shocked. Tontattas even hide behind Rebecca and Karue’s eyes pops out…

Page 10-
Vivi is sitting on Shirahoshi’s hand.
Sai jumps in the coversation and shakes hand with Rebecca, she also recognizes him.
Leo and Sai meet each other too..when Sai reveals about cutting all his ties with
his country after the Reverie.

Page 12-
Wapol arrives and starts making fun of Cobra’s health
By now we all know Cobra has gotten old and not doing so well.
Dalton and Dr.Kureha interfere and stops Wapol.

Page 13-
Dalton asks Vivi if she has read the news about Luffy…(Rebecca overhears it)
Vivi replies to Dalton by saying that “she was so focused on it, that she almost tore a hole in the newspaper…”
Well it doesn’t look like that back in chapter 903

Page 14-
Rebecca asks Dalton is he likes Lucy..
Apparently Rebecca still refers to Luffy as Lucy…I wonder how others understand her.
Leo and Mansherry also asks the same to Dalton, but they refer to Luffy as Luffy-Land.
Remember(Noland/Usolanders)…yh thats how it got Luffy-Land.
Dalton carefully replies that he really likes him.

The Bottom Panel takes us to Impel Down…,apparently its still working after all that happened two years ago.
Doffy(Doflamingo) is confined alone in Level 6.
Doffy asks Magellan if he is Protecting him from the Assassins

Page 15-
Doffy is in shackles lying on the ground..he thinks that The WG will send assassins to
kill him as he knows about the Secret Treasure of Mary Geoise

Now the real mystery begins
I am telling you this will be the most hyped mystery in whole One Piece..,
A silhouette carrying TWO BOUNTY POSTERS one of which is Luffy’s but what about the other one huhh??? Who do you guys think it belongs too…??
Apparently this silhouette which looks like Batman enters into a creepy Secret Dungeon which obviously has many secrets…

On looking closely the silhouette looks like a man with a very pointy Crown
Maybe he is the Supreme King which i had thought before…(check it in my other theory)
Then here we see a big Strawhat lying on a stone slab…
The Strawhat looks really old and is very big… like the size of a Giant’s Head.
Does this mean that this Strawhat belongs to a Giant..???
So many mysteries, so many questions., so many doubts.., man this got me really hyped..
This is seriously amazing…


-Red Line is not Unbreakable.
-The owner of the Big Old Strawhat is no normal human judging by its size!!
-The man with the posters maybe the Supreme King who knows everthing about the Void Century,ofcourse not every Celestal Dragon knows about it.
-To whom does the second Bounty Poster belongs to???
-What is the Secret National Treasure of Marie Jois??

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