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Chapter 909 Review

Chapter 909: Seppuku
Cover Page: The cover page is still showing Orlumbus’s unnecessary stories. As Orlumbus is now a Pirate, they are attacking an Island or are being attacked by them.

We can see people on the deck of ships… though the island and its and whereabouts are unknown…

Page 1
So this is the Island where Marco is… From this far it looks just like a volcano.

And this ship here…It probably belongs to Minks as they just arrived here to meet Marco and you can guess by looking at the Head of the ship which a an elephant’s face , but something got me confused
It was the Pineapple looking thing on the ship,Which refers to Marco…
But then again I can’t see the Jolly Roger clearly so I can’t tell..But I am pretty sure I saw the same looking ship with elephant head in the War of the Best (Marineford War)
Its probably just me thinking too much..For now just think this ship belongs to Nekomamushi.

Moving forward, we see the Guardians from the Whale Forest, The Bull and the Gorilla and few others.
In the background we can see some ruins of Houses, mountains and are those x-mas trees…??
Minks are waiting on the Harbor or outskirts of the Island, as they would just scare the islanders.

Page 2
We can see the other side of the ship from here… and the waterfall too.
The end of the cave reveals a very beautiful scene of the village… It almost looks like the villages from Disney cartoons… A curvy road with wooden fence, barns and some houses far from each other.

Whose hand it is??? The flames..Its Marco…

I read in the spoilers that he became a Doctor in a village…But its not like that…He didn’t practice medical..he is just healing others by using his Devil Fruit Powers… He is a Phoenix after all… As they say Phoenix’s tears can heal any wound….
BTW Marco is wearing spectacles…It kinda suit him..looks smart…

Page 3
Whoa what is that creature…??? A bull??? A Lion??? Actually it’s a cat…??? What kind of cat is this…???
Anyway Marco treated the cat, you can see the Medical Box besides him…

Page 4
We got another good view of the Island’s Landscape… rush green vallyes..plants and beautiful houses..
Marco and Nekomamushi is sitting on a Log of tree… BTW is that a Water wheel besides his house…???
Apparently Whitebeard grew up in this town, It is also revealed that He was a Orphan…that explains why he longed for a family so much….
BTW is this child Chozu??? It looks like him….
Whoa and what is this…There are more of these cats…They are probably a species of only this Island.

Page 5
The point to be noted here is Red Hair placed the Grave nearby this Island…Yes It’s the same grave we saw after the Marineford War.

Do you know there is a real monument of WB and Ace’s Grave in Japan.

Page 6
Ohh Wow a closer look at Marco’s current house…It looks like the houses in Elbaf..It’s a Wooden House and Roof made of big wooden logs too
Marco gave Nekomamushi something to eat…Is it Cheese???
Whatever it is Nekomamushi is sure looks happy….
Also it is mentioned that Ms.Bakkin(self proclaimed lover of WB) was a pirate on the same ship as WB 40 years ago…
Huhhh So What Bakkin claims is right only if Weevil is at least 40 years old….Hell He doesn’t even look like a 25 year old to me….
So Marco has the responsibility to look after this Island so sadly he won’t be joining Strawhats in Wano against Kaido…
Though he gave some kind of message to Nekomamushi for Luffy.

Biwa is a Japanese short-necked fretted lute, often used in narrative storytelling. The biwa is the chosen instrument of Benten, goddess of music, eloquence, poetry, and education in Japanese Shinto.

Page 7-8
BAM Enter Wano!!! Finally we got to see Wano…Oda made the spread in two pages…
He has shown Wano in a very cinematic way…You can see the closed curtains on the right topmost panel…then a glimpse of a lady playing Chikuzen Biwa.

Then Curtains opening a little,where we can see a glimpse of wano from afar… with petals raining ..its like when a great show is about to start…
Then the face of the lady with the mask which is called Kitsune.
Kitsune masks or fox masks are worn by participants in certain Shinto festivals or by attendees just for fun. They are important figures in some festivals involving this god.

WOW The best view of Wano so far…
We can see old traditional japanese houses all over the place… and in the centre lies the Castle or Palace… The Castle seems to be made inside of the huge tree which looks like a Bonsai but it is too huge for a Bonsai..Also the upper part of the Castle is situated on the branch of the Tree.
There are also two archways on either side of the castle which probably passes through the tree. On the ground, both the archways are guarded by big gates…
It looks like there is water coming out from many sides of the tree…
Flower Petals are also flying all over the place…

In Ancient times, the architecture of Japan was something like this…

It really looks like the typical old Japanese places…Oda nailed this…
We can also notice people and children running around the place..
In the left hand side…there is another architecture..its probably a private house of some minister or shogun or maybe a temple…
I really like this page…thanks Oda- Sensei

Page 9
Whoa the first member of Strawhats that we see is Franky…
Okay let me just say it…In what world is that a suppose to be a disguise…huhhh
What is this Oda..?? A joke…anyone can identify him..specially seeing his cyborg legs and hands…as we know Wano is not familiar with technology…so wouldn’t it be suspicious for people to see mechanical body parts in Wano huhh???

Page 11
Whoa…who is this chick..its Robin…now thats one hell of disguise…That much makeup and that Kimono…no one can guess thats Robin except us fans..
Robin is disguising as a dancer… It seems Robin is going to infiltrate Shogun’s private rooms as a dancer. This is a traditional Japanese dance called Bon Odori is a dance performed during the Obon Festival Obon. It was originally a dance to welcome the spirits of the dead. These dances and the music that accompanies them are different for every region of Japan. To know how that instrument plays Listen this:

Page 10
Ohh now its Usopp…see this is called a disguise…one can’t normally identify him as he is wearing a fake beard..He also wore all traditional outfit and is even carrying swords…except for his headphone..its a perfect disguise I would say…
BTW Does white beard on black hear suits???

Page 12
So this is the place where Kinnemon told everyone to disguise properly and lay low… But wait..Is Zoro sleeping through the explanation???
And where is Law and his crew???

This panel shows a closer look at the houses and surrounding area…we see people walking..gossiping ans stuff… But wait in the right side
Is that a cart??? Yes that is a cart alright…Is it mechanical or a horse cart…??

Page 13
Whoa Zoro whatcha doin in this place??? Got lost again???
Wait where did Zoro get that top hair knot??? ahahah its so funny
The chonmage (丁髷, ちょんまげ) is a form of Japanese traditional topknot haircut worn by men. It is most commonly associated with the Edo period and samurai, and in recent times with sumo wrestlers. It was originally a method of using hair to hold a samurai helmet steady atop the head in battle, and became a status symbol among Japanese society.
Here in the description its written Zoro-Juro, Ronin… The meaning of the name Juro is: Tenth son; best wishes; longevity. And Ronin means a wandering samurai who had no lord or master.

Page 14
This loser is the magistrate we heard about in Spoilers…Apparently he is the mnurderer too who framed Zoro and took Shusui from him.



Zoro was given a Seppuku knife to perform Hara-kiri…Hara-kiri is a ritual suicide by disembowelment with a sword, formerly practised in Japan by samurai as an honourable alternative to disgrace or execution.
Seppuku is just a synonym for Hara-kiri.

Page 15
This whole scene is very dramatic and cinematic…start by looking the right topmost panel..The lady is playing that chikuzen Biwa
Zoro is holding the knife pointing it towards his stomach..The song still plays…its almost like a climatic tune which movies have though I can’t hear it but I can feel it.
And the at the last moment of the song, the string breaks…

Everyone around him is shocked..just like a dramatic movie..
I just love this scene so much…. Its been almost two years since we last saw Zoro and now the moment we see him…, He started cutting….hahah so like him

and simultaneously Zoro cuts the minister and the whole building…


-Nekomamushi met Marco on an Island which is Whitebeard’s hometown.
-Whitebeard was an Orphan.
-Marco is not coming to help Luffy, as he have to fight Weevil soon.
-Strawhats are in disguises
-Franky as Frano-suke, a Carpenter
-Usopp as Uso-Hachi, Toad Oil Salesman
-Robin as O-Robi, a Geisha(a Japanese hostess trained to entertain men  with conversation, dance, and song.)
-Zoro as Zoro-Juro, a Ronin (Wandering Samurai without master)
-Zoro cut down one of the Magistrate/Minister.

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