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Eiichiro Oda’s comment before ‘ONE PIECE’ STAMPEDE’s release on 9th Aug 2019!


People around me won’t shut up about “I want to see it soon” and “I can’t wait for its release!”. Alright, I get it, I get it.
It’s just so awesome, The movie came out to be so good!

This work is the celebration of the Anime’s 20th Anniversary! So many things have happened in these 20 years, both publically and backstage.
It’s precisely because of that, that we were able to make such an all-star movie.
Everyone is in it!

An Incredible fight is about to start!

We are so excited! Here is what the Director and Producer had to say:
We made a movie that is a true celebration for the series and the fans.
Indeed. Really

A once in a 20-year occasion, a gigantic Pirates Festival!


Look forward to it!
                                                                             – Eiichiro Oda


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