Eiichiro Oda’s thoughts on Wano Kuni Arc in the Anime!

The Wano Country Begins!!
The saga is adapted into anime!!

After all this time, it has arrived.
I love historical period dramas and had been wanting to draw this island forever!!

In the Manga however, the Wano country arc is already quite ahead and has already gotten into full swing…

How is it so far? It’s been fascinating, hasn’t it?
Well, from now on it’ll be 50 times more fascinating!!

Anyway, this One Piece version of a period drama is so colourful!!
So please, enjoy the anime as well!

Toei Animation Staff’s work is just… Terrific!!
Tatsuya Nagamine, who directed One Piece: Z, took care of the direction!
And we have a brand New Opening! Keep and eye on this new release!!
On July 7th [In Japan], at 9:30 a.m!!
Tomorrow morning!!
– Oda.


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