Hiroshi Kitadani is the singer of 22nd Opening Song of ‘One Piece’!

‘Wano Kuni’ Arc’s opening song is performed by none other than Kitadani Hiroshi, singer of the previous openings ‘We Are’, We go!’ and ‘We Can’ .
The 22nd Opening song is titled ‘Over the Top!’
It will debut from episode 892 which will air on July 7th 2019.

Kitadani Hiroshi and Wano Kuni poster

Kitadani Hiroshi is the singer of the world famous song, ‘We Are!’.
‘We Are!’ is the first Opening theme song of the One Piece anime which ran from episode 1-47. It is still popular among fans even after 20 years of release.
Apart from the 1st Opening ‘We Are!’, Hiroshi also sang the 15th Opening ‘We Go!’ which ran from episode 517-590 and 19th Opening ‘We Can!’ which ran from episode 747-806.

Kitadani Hiroshi has come back once again with another masterpiece song specially made for ‘Wano Kuni’ Arc.
The title of the song is ‘Over the Top!’ and it will start running from episode 892 which will air on 7th July 2019.

Opening Songs by Kitadani Hiroshi

More about Kitadani Hiroshi:

Hiroshi Kitadani (きただに ひろし Kitadani Hiroshi, born August 24, 1968) is a Japanese singer, who primarily performs theme songs and other songs in anime. He also works behind the scenes of many songs. He currently works with JAM Project. He is most famous for singing the first, fifteenth and nineteenth opening themes of the popular anime series One Piece.

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