So Guys Its been few days since the last chapter 908 came out and we still can’t keep calm. And the reason is the Shady Shadow guy who we later found out is actually the One above the Gorosei, He is the Supreme King of the WG, no not just the WG, he is practically the Supreme King of the whole damn World. He has been pulling the string behind the scenes for who know how long and hence I came up with a theory. So hear me out and let me know your opinions.

Now the important thing to be noticed is the words the Gorosei said at the end of the Chapter 908…they were tricky so I had to read from different sources. And the best way to put those words are like this  “The candle that should have been snuffed from history has once again…"
It looks like they are probably talking about VOID CENTURY events, but that was about 900 years ago. By looking at Im’s position at the WG throne, He doesn’t look like successor of some kind of king or something. While Celestial dragons have the tittle of GOD . The guy at the top of them must probably fit that Nickname perfectly by being Immortal.

The main source to archive that so far is totally possible by Ope Ope fruit.
Mabye this explain doffy’s special relation to world goverment.
Note: Doffy’s words to moria about the order that come from “UP"

Since celestial dragons are known about their luxury lifestyle and acting as they please, no political actions is seen by them so far. So orders from “UP" means IM>GOROSEI>Doffy

And the secret National Treasure of the HOLY LAND probably its not gold.
It may be a option that the National treasure is IM sama himself.
This would also explain Doffy’s plans about on the Ope Ope No Mi (being the ultimate fruit, because it can give eternal life to someone)

Since everyone believes that no one could sit on the Empty Throne. Since it is a symbol of peace and equality among countries. Im sama is actually the one who sits on it. Maybe this is the secret that Doffy blackmailed WG.

So Im sama is probably immortal by the Ope Ope fruit or some other power that has not been mentioned yet.

So what do you guys say???


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