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Inside Eiichiro Oda’s House

Inside Eiichiro Oda’s House

Now that you all know about The Legend: Eiichiro Oda, It’s time you should take a look at where he lives. Yeah and by that i meant his house cum studio or should I say studio cum house…Okay decide that for yourself.

Now I know after looking at all these photos, you’ll probably think of me as a nerdy stalker but believe me these photos were released on Nippon TV(Japanese TV).

Well well, this isn’t too bad…It’s cramped but its still clean to the point I can’t even see a single crumpled paper. All those small thing which you can’t see properly are markers,pens,and pencils of hundreds of different varieties.

Ohh now isn’t this familiar…The right side is looking like my study table with more material and the left side is like my room too..and heck that’s a lot of clothes scattered in the room. Doesn’t Chiaki scold him??

Okay… I am gonna say it. What the hell ODA…!! A Terminator with a gun..!! I mean that is every child’s fucking dream… to have a terminator robot in their room… Damn it Oda if only I could afford it… ugghhhh I am seriously jealous right now.

What’s that giant Board,due to the poor image quality I am not able to see it clearly. The only things I can see are Luffy’s face and One Piece in the middle. Anyway is that a Titan figure in the left side??

WTF…!! Am i seeing things or there really is a Helm on his Door. And what is it supposed to do??? Like open the door when steered…??

Ohhh these are some pictures from his old days, I mean young days…He is having fun with his friend,making sketches.

Whoa..Wow…How neat and properly arranged his table is…even my sisters never had anything this neat.

The Hell Oda..!! Even his toilet is not normal, it has ocean all over and a freaking shark...,How does a man suppose to concentrate on taking a dump when a Shark is above your head…hahaha.. Seriously what is the purpose of the Shark, to scare the poop out of your system so that you can get back to work fast.

Ahhh here is the real deal…If you look closely there is a rough sketch of One Piece World,with Red Line and Grand Line on it. There are also few reminder notes sticked to the shelf.

……….I don’t even know what to say…It’s a Bar guys..with a Pop Corn Machine. Nothing to be amazed about..just a Bar in Oda’s freaking house..

Whoa…Its a real mess…Damn!! You see all that stuff…its like he is working in a store room.

Okay…Now This is quite amusing…a mini Train. It’s like the Puffing Tom except there’s no water here…Must be easy for small pets to travel inside the house…thats Oda sensei for yaa…

…………….Okay..!!! Now Would you look at that….Even a fucking Crane Machine Game... He doesn’t even have the time to play the damn thing…then why?? Why Oda?? Damn it…all my dreams…

Ohhh here is something completely normal…Just two rough sketches of the Manga… though they are from the Dressrosa Arc..,clearly judging by the Gear 4 Form and Doffy’s String Web in one page and also crying Rebecca in the other page.

And this is normal too..just a closer look at Oda’s working table…though probably there are at least a few tables in his house.

Huuhhh Another look at the same room.. but wait..this time chair is facing towards us… could Oda be sitting there while being invisible…(just kidding)

So What do you guys think about it huhhh?? Pretty Amazing right!! Well that’s Oda Sensei for you..!! You’ ll find everything in his freaking House…Even though he earns millions, he still is a true mangaka and everyday works hard for One Piece.  So thats all for this little tour to Oda Sensei’s house…

I’ll try to dig deeper and bring more for you guys next time. Till then enjoy the various other amazing things in here.Thank You for reading, hit a like,Share it and let me know your thoughts!!

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