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Interview with Tatsuya Nagamine in One Piece Magazine

Tatsuya Nagamine jokes that Midori Matsuda is only in her twenties but that’s a good thing –her favorite character is Zoro. He praises her use of linework in the character designs, and how they stick to the originals but have a different feel to them.

For Wano they’ll be using a new composite studio, as well as a new filter to give the anime a rich feel. The actual labor on the anime hasn’t changed much, but the computer programs that they’ve been using have been upgraded and so the quality has risen.

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There hasn’t been a upheaval of the old guard with staff shakeups going into Wano, but most of the staff now is fairly young. In his personal experience he finds that they try to change directors around 2-3 years for longer anime to prevent burnout.

He mentions to bring Oda’s world to life for the Wano arc they have to take more than the animation into consideration but the sound (music and SFX) as well.

He directed Film Z but he’s been a fan of One Piece way before that, and worked diligently since he felt like at some point he may get involved with the anime.

He’s been to Oda’s house directly to discuss the series for Film Z and he says that One Piece isn’t a series you can underestimate. What happens on the surface usually has a deeper meaning. When asked what he’s looking forward to drawing in Wano he answers “absolutely everything”

Since he became the Series Director of Wano, he hasn’t got the chance to meet Oda yet, but Oda gave the staff a lot of details and thoughts on Wano. He did a lot of research when he was preparing for Wano.

Nagamine also said that he wants to fill the gap between audiences’ imagination and the actual visuals. And he wants the anime to be able to express Oda’s imagination too.

When he became the Series Director for DBS, Shueisha asked him to “make a modern anime” According to the interview, he will make OP a modern anime too.
He said that audiences can look forward to action scenes with a good tempo. He said he also has the will to power up the anime with fresh energy.

Nagamine and the staff get to read the chapters a week before they’re released in Jump. Despite that he re-reads the volumes because he enjoys seeing the SBS. He also thinks that we’re approaching the “climax” of One Piece.

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