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July 24th Yomiuri Shimbun Interview on the 21st anniversary of One Piece

“Luffy is my ideal child,” says One Piece author Eiichiro Oda


Its popularity, the number of volumes it has in circulation, and the scale of its story are all overwhelming. When the momentum of One Piece—now celebrating its 21st anniversary of being serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump—will stop, no one knows. We sat down with author Eiichiro Oda to reflect on the series and talk about Luffy and his crew. This grand voyage to become the Pirate King is finally reaching its climax.

The Yomiuri Shimbun and One Piece are collaborating on a project called “3D2Y to 2020 KISEKI.” For more details, click here.




  • One Piece was rejected twice before the first chapter was published.
  • Oda doesn’t feel like he’s carrying the burden of being the headliner of Jump. He’s just happy that so many people are reading his magazine. However he does strive to write more interesting stories.
  • He says he feels a strong sense of responsibility. If OP ended and his editors asked him to continue, he wouldn’t want to. Ending it is his freedom.
  • Shanks is described as the leader of the Red Haired Pirates and a Yonkou who gave the hat to Luffy
  • One Piece manga is described as ‘Chasing after the One Piece treasure left by the Pirate King, Luffy went out to sea! His many adventures are popular both inside and out of Japan!’
  • He says it is ‘very lonely’ now that Kishimoto, who published alongside him for 15 years is no longer doing so.
  • He says he and Kishimoto are the same age and their mangas became a hit around the same time, they have a lot in common.
  • However he says that even between mangaka who have known each other a long time, there are some things you can’t say to each other if the popularity of your manga differs
  • However he says that he and Kishimoto often see eye to eye, they worry about the same things and both put a lot of effort into their work
  • Even if there appears a mangaka whose work catches up to One Piece’s in popularity and scope, the only one he feels he will always share the same views with is Kishimoto.
  • He says that even though Kishimoto isn’t publishing anymore, they still chat and Kishimoto listens to his complaints
  • He says that people are now enjoying different kinds of magazines, and it’s less common for everyone to be reading the same manga
  • Oda thinks this is a shame, he used to bond with people over reading Dragon Ball. He says manga can build bonds between people, especially magazines such as Jump that people read in their childhoods
  • he wonders if different magazines and mangas can come together like the Avengers.
  • when he reads Jump nowadays he feels like he doesn’t understand some of the mangas, thinking like a grandfather would.
  • He’s aware of this and wants to take countermeasures against it. He says the competition is not about being right, but rather whether your manga is embraced by the audience. As a result he says that if One Piece loses out to them, he will do a bit more research but that hasn’t happened yet, he’s been winning so far.
  • ONE PIECE is now 80% finished.
  • Oda explained that the reason why Jinbe isn’t appearing in color spreads with the Straw Hats is that because he doesn’t want to spoil one of the surprises about Jinbe’s situation since his last appearance.
  • Oda confirms that there are still characters who’ll join the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Oda’s favourite characters are Ivankov and Bon Clay from Impel Down Arc.
From another source:
The content of this issue is from the full-page report of the Yomiuri Shimbun on July 21. The content is not long, but it is very good. 
Key 1: The latest progress of One Piece is 80%! 
Key 2: Oda said that Luffy has found 9 partners! 
Oda also hinted at the end of the One Piece finals, and clearly hopes to open a big party to end.
  •  In this interview, Oda said that when Luffy said that he would like to find 10 partners, he said that he only found nine. Obviously, this sentence has already been counted in it. Although the plot has already clearly indicated that Jinbei is a partner, this is the first personal identification of Oda. After all, the official color page is still only a group of 9 people for most of the time. Moreover, this sentence of Oda seems to mean that he has obsessive-compulsive illness. Who is the last 10th member?
  • 21st July 2018, the Yomiuri Shimbun interview – Oda Eiichiro said that the One Piece progress to 80% (about 911 words); in July 2016, Fujitsu broadcasted an interview – Oda Eiichiro said the One Piece 81 volume progress to 70% ( About 816 words) According to this calculation, the two-year 100 words push the plot 10%, then the One Piece is only about 200 words for 4 years, of course, these years, Oda’s words are not twice, take one step. Take a look at it.
  • Oda has long said that the ending of One Piece has been determined a few years before the serialization, has not changed, the banquet seems to be an essential element, and more key elements are naturally not known at the last moment.


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