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JUMP official and Oda Eiichiro – A full apology explanation on the Databook VIVRE CARD

JUMP official and Oda Eiichiro’s special announcement on the Databook VIVRE CARD, a full apology explanation  explains the full text translation (resolutely refuses the regional limited card)

I. Oda Eiichiro’s message
ONE PIECE VIVRE Card Picture Book
Release! !
Let me tell you how good this thing is!
1. This is a loose-leaf folder (very novel!)
. Each month, a series will be released. One series is a 16-page*2 set, which can be clipped in a loose-leaf!
[You don’t have to collect all of them, it’s still very expensive. ]
In other words, buy their favorite character or series of words, you can create your own unique illustrated book it -! !
(Yellow small words: Wow!!! Awesome!!!)

2. The cards will also be sold like comics, so don’t worry about picking them up. Don’t worry if you have a new character in the comics? !

3. The appointment is good! I said this to the staff: “It is absolutely not allowed to make cards such as local restrictions!! Only the ideas of cards that can be obtained in Tokyo’s activities can dispel the idiots!”. National equality, do not sell important cards as special codes, we will not do those nasty behaviors, so please rest assured.
(Red small characters: The cards that can be obtained by means other than purchase have nothing to do with this illustration.)
For me, the character illustrations have always been my heart, please be sure to enjoy!
Oh, yes, 90 volumes are also on sale -! Very interesting-.

Second, JUMP editorial department announcement 
“Vivre card~One Piece Picture Book~” Bookstore special code related
to the “Starter Set” currently on sale, some bookstores will be equipped with a “fake straw hat group card” when purchasing Kind one). A lot of questions were received from the implemented store and online purchases.
I have not fully informed about this matter, many customers have no chance to buy, causing confusion, I am very sorry.
The special “Fake Straw Hats” will be closed free of charge in the booster set “Private guards vs. prisoners” that are expected to be sold in November. All the stores can be bought, and at the same time, the weekly magazine Jump and SNS will be notified.
In the future, there will be no store or geographical differences in the products related to “Vivre Card~One Piece”, and the plan that everyone can buy will be implemented.
Weekly Junior Jump Editor

OP official Twitter


“VIVRE CARD ~ ONE piece picture book” of the sale today, I apologize from the mind that the announcement is inadequate, and caused confusion about the bookstore benefits. I will post the apology from the editorial department and a comment from ODA teacher. I hope you can see the image here.

It is the following fake straw hat gang card that is sold as a limited area card by some Japanese stores.


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