Just Who is Im and What does he want??

Just Who is Im and What does he want??

I have come up with a theory about Imu-sama. Yes the mysterious figure who was strolling around in the Pangaea Castle during Reverie!! So lets get started but first let us revise.

Who Im wants dead??

So in the picture above, we see a torn wanted poster of Marshall D. Teach and Moneky D. Luffy and a picture of Shirahoshi poked in the ground with a sword.
The posters are cut quite sharply probably by the sword and it looks like Imu did that.

Anyway there is one more person there who gives Imu the information about the arrival of the Gorosei. Whoever that person is, also knows Imu-sama’s existence…

Anyway what you should be focusing on is that Imu has one more photograph with him and its Vivi’s picture.

Now Why is Vivi’s picture with Im-sama?
What we saw here shocked the entire fan base, theories started raining down, Vivi this Vivi that.

Anyway I have my own thoughts about it. Her photograph was uncut so it either means that Imu-sama knows that she belongs to Nefartari family is not sure about what to do with her or Imu-sama has decided to get rid her because She is the heir of Nefertari Family and may possess some incredible power like Shirahoshi. That is She has something to do with Pluton.

Now for the torn posters of Luffy and Blackbeard. As both of them are D, they are the natural enemies of God. But not to forget they are also the most capable ones among all the D’s. Either of them can turn this world for the better or the worse. So Imu has surely decided to get rid of both of them sometime later in the story.

Now Shirahoshi’s picture is not torn apart rather pinned down to the ground with a sword. It’s just like when old dirty pirates used to pin down mermaids by poking swords into their tails… pretty ironic as Shirahoshi also happens to be the Mermaid Princess and Imu-sama seems to know about the incredible power she possesses.

So many questions already, right?? Just Who is he anyway?? That Bastard dare kill our Vivi Chan and Shirahoshi Chan.
Either he is the descendant of one of the 20 founding families, who is superior than other 19 families. And hence only this family controls everything in the world. OR
He is the original King from the 20 founding kings who is somehow still alive, probably because of Devil fruit powers like those of Brooks or may be some other power. And he is ruling this world since the past 800 years. That would make much more sense as he knows so much about the history of Nefertari Family and about Shirahoshi’s powers as well. Also this somewhat matches with my other theory Imu- The Immortal.

Nefeltari Vivi – Is she The light of hope! 
From what the Gorosei said:  “The Light that needs to be extinguished from history…"

I can only think of as Vivi as somehow the light for hope, as Imu-sama will probably show her photo to Gorosei and hence She is the light that needs to be extinguished. But it means extinguishing the whole Nefertari family as King Cobra won’t just sit ideally by.

But erasing something from history is nothing new for the World Govt. We already know how they wiped out the Ancient Kingdom and then Ohara. So they can also erase Alabasta if they want.

One thing to notice is both Alabasta and Fishmen Island was saved by Luffy (a D) and since then both the Kingdoms have deep ties with Luffy. So it would only make sense that World Govt. considers them as their enemies now.

After all Fishmen Island also has a Poneglyph given to them by the people of Ancient Kingdom. Fishmen were also friends with the people from the Ancient Kingdom. Don’t forget both Fishmen island and Alabasta has Ancient Weapons.

So basically there are lot of similarities between Fishmen Island and Nefertari Family. And hence their relationship with Luffy, a D clearly makes them a enemy of the World Govt.

Now Hope, no not the song “Hope". Oda has certainly given Hope a much thought. A man’s dreams, hopes for the future and stuff.
Vivi once explained that the journey with the straw hats, has been a journey “in the search of hope“.
Do you remember when Vivi stopped the war between the Rebels and the Royal guards just by speaking out her thoughts. She gave people of the Kingdom a new Hope to live. I think Vivi has one of the most terrifying power which is to make people believe in herself, To give them hope. This is just for the sake of understanding that she might be the light they are talking about.

  • Im-sama is the Supreme King of the world.
  • He might be immortal or living for 800 years with the help of some Devil Fruit Power like that of Brook’s.
  • He probably decides to Kill Vivi as she might be related to Ancient Weapon or might have some other power.
  • Im sama also plans to get rid of Monkey D Luffy, Blackbeard and Shirahoshi.

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