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One Piece Magazine Vol.5

The Cover of the One Piece Magazine Vol. 5: Luffy in Snakeman Form.


The Magazine contains lots of new Information!!
Let’s start from the Dragons in One Piece!! ( Punk Hazard Dragon, Ryuma, Kaido, Momonosuke, Celestial Dragons and Monkey D. Dragon)

The Artificial Dragon from Punk Hazard which was made by Vegapunk was a Western Dragon!!


It’s characteristics are explained in the magazine as follows:

  • The saliva in it’s mouth is flammable and have the properties of the oil which enhances the firepower.
  • The bones in the wings are hollow, so as to reduce the weight, but the bone composition is close to carbon and hence it is very strong. Due to that the structure can fly under strong air currents.
  • There are many unique organs in the body for fire and there is also flammable gas in the organs, so it can breathe fire on the enemies just like a real Dragon.
  • There are huge nostrils which can inhale a lot of oxygen which helps in producing fire.
  • It also has very long fangs to have a strong biting force.
  • The skin is very hard and fire resistant.

There is also information about Wano, Dragons, Ryuma and Monkey D. Dragon.



Translated by u/EtenBoby

Wano country and “Dragon(竜)”:
The opponent that  Zoro defeated in Thriller Bark, Ryuma, legend says that he had cut down a dragon(竜) with his sword, that sword is now in the hands of Zoro. In Punk Hazard, Zoro has already killed a dragon(竜).
Now, Zoro and the Strawhats are in Ryuma’s homeland, Wano, to take down one of the Four Emperors, Kaido. Kaido is a dragon(龍), so perhaps the legend of dragon-slaying will happen again.

Dragon(竜) and Dragon(龍): Similar yet different!!
Ryuma had a legend of slaying a dragon(竜), and now the country is guarded by a dragon(龍), Wise King Kaido. In the time of 23 years, dragon(竜) shifted from enemy to guardian(Kaido), it’s not just a change of kanji, but perhaps the society as well.
In current Wano, the idea of opening the border and the Kozuki Clan that wanted to do so are all considered evil. So perhaps it’s a political movement to hide the past by switching to “龍”.

Celestial “Dragons” and Dragon(竜):
According to Brownbeard, the Celestial Dragons adore the dragon in Punk Hazard to the point of naming it. They also use the “claw of the flying dragon” as their mark.
After consuming the Artificial Devil Fruit made by Vegapunk, Momonosuke turned into a dragon.
At the entry of Punk Hazard, there is a warning banner on which a Skull with two large horns is printed that reminds people of Kaido.
If the artificial Devil Fruit was made based on Kaido’s body, then it’s natural for them to use him as a symbol.

Why are the Celestial Dragons so keen on making dragon-like creatures and Devil Fruits? Or is it like ‘It won’t not do if it’s not a dragon’.

If we compare Momo’s dragon(竜) form to the dragon(龍) form of Kaido, it’s as if they’re father and son.

“Dragon” of The Revolutionary Army:
How ironic that the leader of Revolutionary Army who wants to take down the Celestial “Dragons” is named “Dragon”(doragon) himself. If the name was given by Garp, and it’s given after he joined the Navy, Did he give him that name so people will think of the heads of the World Government?
Is it really a coincidence that someone named Dragon(doragon) aims to take down the Celestial Dragons(竜)?

Next is Character Height Comparison Chart!!


The chart contains the heights of

Character Height (in cm)
Mansherry  20 cm
Luffy 174 cm
Gin 186 cm
Shanks 199 cm
Hatchan  220 cm
Crocodile  253 cm
Jinbei 301 cm
Blackbeard  344 cm
Magellan  491 cm
Vasco Shot  573 cm
Dorry  2260 cm
Oars Jr.  3800 cm
San Juan Wolf   18000 cm

Dorry the Blue Ogre: Announced new height 2260 cm.
It is worth mentioning that according to the description of Volume 88 , the shortest adult in a giant family is at least 12 m, and as Dorry was the Captain of the Giant Warrior Pirates, his height is significantly higher than the minimum value.
The newly announced Vivre Card shows him as 22 m tall.

Dorry Anime Infobox

There are also confirmed ages of Charlotte Family members:
The given list is in Order of Birth.
Also the members in one column are born together ( twins, triplets, etc).

Member/s Age(yrs) Position
Charlotte Perospero (eldest son)  50 Minister of Candy
Charlotte Compote (eldest daughter)  49 Minister of Fruits
Charlotte Katakuri (2nd Son)
Charlotte Daifuku (3rd Son)
Charlotte Oven (4th Son)
 48 Minister of Flour
Minister of Beans
Minister of Browned food.
Charlotte Mondee (2nd Daughter)
Charlotte Amande (3rd Daughter)
Charlotte Hachee (4th Daughter)
Charlotte Effiler (5th Daughter)
Minister of Nuts

Charlotte Opera (5th Son)
Charlotte Counter (6th Son)
Charlotte Cadenza (7th Son)
Charlotte Caballetta (8th Son)
Charlotte Gala (9th Son)
 46 Minister of Cream

Charlotte Cracker (10th Son)
Charlotte CustaRd (6th Daughter)
Charlotte Angel ( 7th Daughter)
 45 Minister of Biscuit

Charlotte Zuccotto (11th Son)  44 Minister of Alcohol
Charlotte Brulee (8th Daughter)
Charlotte Broye (9th daughter)
Minister of Meringue
Charlotte Nusstorte (12th Son)
Charlotte Basskarte (13th Son)
Charlotte Dosmarche (14th Son)
 42 Minister of Transport

Minister of Tea
Charlotte Noisette (15th son)  41 Minister of Finance
 Charlotte Moscato (16th Son)
Charlotte Mash (10th Daughter)
Charlotte Cornstarch ( 11th Daughter)
 40 Minister of Gelato

Minister of Communications
Charlotte Compo (17th Son)
Charlotte Laurin (18th Son)
 39 Minister of Pie
Charlotte Mont-D’Or (19th Son)  38 Minister of Cheese
Charlotte Mozart (12th Daughter)
Charlotte Marnier (13th Daughter)
Minister of yeast
Charlotte High-Fat (20th Son)
Charlotte Tablet (21st Son)
Minister of Toppings
Charlotte Smoothie (14th Daughter)
Charlotte Citron (15th Daughter)
Charlotte Cinamon (16th Daughter)
 35 Minister of Juice
Minister of eggs
Charlotte Saint-Marc (22nd Son)
Charlotte Pasans (23rd Son)
 34 Minister of Essence
Charlotte Melise (17th Daughter)  33
Charlotte Ducquoise (24th Son)  32 Minister of Jam
Charlotte Galette (18th Daughter)
Charlotte Poire (19th Daughter)
 31 Minister of Butter
Charlotte Snack (25th Son)
Charlotte Bavarois(26th Son)
 30 Minister of Fries
Charlotte Prim (20th Daughter)
Charlotte Praline (21st Daughter)
Minister of Design
Charlotte Kanten (27th Son)
Charlotte Katou (28th Son)
Charlotte Montb (29th Son)
 28 Minister of Agar
Minister of Seeds
Charlotte Chiboust (30th Son)  27 Minister of Mix
Charlotte Chiffon (22nd Daughter)
Charlotte Lola (23rd Daughter)
 26 Ministe rof Puffs
Former Minister of Chocolate
Charlotte Mobile (31st Son)
Charlotte Marble (24th Daughter)
Charlotte Myukuru (25th Daughter)
Charlotte Maple (26th Daughter)
 25 Minister of Tasting

Charlotte Brownie (32nd Son)  24
Charlotte Jonconde (27th Daughter)  23
Charlotte Raisin (33rd Son)  22
Charlotte Panna (28th Daughter)  21
Charlotte Mascarpone (34th Son)
Charlotte Joscarpone (29th Daughter)
 20 Minister of Silverware
Charlotte Yuen (35th Son)  19
Charlotte Newichi (36th Son)
Charlotte Newji (37th Son)
Charlotte Newsan (38th Son)
Charlotte Newshi (39th Son)
Charlotte Newgo (40th Son)
Charlotte Nutmeg (30th Daughter)
Charlotte Akimeg (31st Daughter)
Charlotte Allmeg (32nd Daughter)
Charlotte Harumeg (33rd Daughter)
Charlotte Fuyumeg (34th Daughter)
Charlotte Nougat(41th Son)  17
Charlotte Pudding (35th Daughter)  16 Supplementary Minister of Chocolate
Charlotte Flampe` (36th Daughter)  15 Minister of Honey
Charlotte Anglais (42nd Son)  14
Charlotte Wafers (37th Daughter)  13
Charlotte Viro (43rd Don)  12
Charlotte Dosa ( 44th Son)  11
Charlotte Normand (38th Female)  10
Charlotte Dolce (45th Son)
Charlotte Dragee` (46th Son)
Charlotte Anana (39th Daughter)  08

According to OP Magazine , Out of 85 children that Mama has 22 are not Brothers or Sisters from the same Father : Male : 13 Female : 9

All Big Mom’s Children in Order of Birth!!



The Magazine also contains Hand-drawn Sketches of Charlotte Family’s Sons made by Oda.








The Magazine also contains a what if scenario drawn by Oda.
“Piece of Dream”, a what if scenario drawing of Luffy, Ace and Sabo if they would have become marines:

The estimate of this picture is probably Garp’s dream? Because there is no Scar under Luffy’s eye, also there is no Straw Hat, and there is no Scar on the Chest either. It would be only possible if he didn’t meet Shanks.


The Making of the illustration!!

Besides this we also have a Zoro’s Official Wanted poster and Chopper’s Paper Art!!


There are also 2 pages dedicated to the upoming film ‘STAMPEDE!!’
It contains the Character Designs of the Strawhats and Release Date of the movie.



There is also a Japanese Supermodel/Actor Yoshioka Rifan’s Perona Cosplay!!



The Magazine also has some information about new One Piece Game ‘World Seeker’ and a poster of Alabasta Arc!!
And some information about Koby’s Spin off Novel!!



So far Only this much Information is available!!
It will be updated once more is out!! Keep Checking!!
Novel Ace 2 and Law Part 1 is also available on the blog!!

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