New One Piece Opening ‘Over The Top’ Review!

The Wano arc has finally arrived in the One Piece anime.
The first episode of the arc was released on Sunday, 7/7/2019.
The Wano Arc has started with a new opening song “Over the Top” by Hiroshi Kitadani who also lend his voice to the Openings 1, 15 and 19.(More details here)
The Opening song is really incredible! Have a quick look!

Many new Character colour schemes were revealed along with some extra information.
The Opening starts with Luffy chained in up some prison trying to break free which itself gives away that Luffy will be imprisoned at some point in the arc.

Then we see Luffy, Tama and Zoro coming out of the picture on Komachiro (A Komainu) revealing the usual One Piece logo behind which we can see the Flower Capital.
The Komainu has yellow colour fur and it’s skin colour is dull yellow.

After that we see the rest of the Straw Hats making appearance in their Wano avatar, starting with Nami and following her Chopper, Usopp, Robin, Franky and then Brook.
They skipped Sanji on purpose here, they had special plans for him ahead.

Then we see the Nine Red Scabbards (the retainers of Kozuki Family) starting with Kin’emon, Kiku and Kawamatsu(shaded).

While Kiku’s colour scheme is not so clear in the opening, but we recently saw that in the form of her figurine.

Next we see Ashura Douji and Denjiro!
Although we actually know Denjiro by his current alias “Kyoshirou”. The opening showed him along with Ashura in the line up of the Retainers so it confirms my theory of ‘Kyoshirou’ being ‘Denjiro’.

Then we see, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi followed by Raizou and Kanjuro.

After that Sanji makes an appearance in his Kimono and transforms into Germa’s number 3, ‘Stealth Black’.

I am gonna show you an animation blunder. Shhh Don’t tell anyone.
Look at Nami’s legs here in this panel, they are so badly drawn and arranged. But since they worked really hard on it. I can overlook this little mistake.

Next we see some of the members of Kaidou’s Army.

Holdem, Headliner


Speed, Headliner of Kaidou's army
Speed, Headliner


Then comes the All-Stars, Jack followed by Queen and King.
Queen’s colour scheme was revealed on the Cover of the Volume 93.

Next is King. King’s colour scheme is ‘All Black’ as expected but his wings are surprisingly ‘white’.

Then the focus shifts to Orochi, the Shogun of Wano Kuni.
He can be seen standing on top of his Castle, wearing a purple robe on top of a yellow kimono.

Then we see Trafalgar Law, his colour scheme was also obvious. It’s almost close to the one made by @amanomoon.

Next we see Komurasaki, the most beautiful woman in Wano.

Next is Bepo, Penguin and Shachi colour schemes.

Gyukimaru, the Bandit


Hawkins’ Straw Man


Next is Shimotsuki Yasuie, he is shown on a execution stand so there is another big spoiler here.

Shimotsuki Yasuie, Former Daimyo of Hakumai Region


Next we see Kaidou one shot Luffy using his thunder bludgeon, again giving major spoiler.

Then we see Zoro using Haki on the seppuku knife which wasn’t shown in the manga.

Then we see Luffy breaking free of his chains and destroying the prison bars.
It gives a major hint that Luffy will definitely come out of the prison becoming more stronger.

Then we see a second clash between Luffy and Kaidou which will be happening in the future.
Luffy can be seen easily dogging Kaidou’s attacks, looks like he is using his Future Sight.
He then lands a hit on Kaidou forcing Kaidou to turn into his Dragon form.

Kaidou’s Dragon form

To be honest Kaidou looks really lit with this colour scheme.

Luffy also transforms in a new Gear 4 form surrounded by Ryuuou/flowing Haki.

Then we see Kaidou use his Boro Breath, they decided to give it a flame colour since Dragons do have to breathe fire after all.

Luffy easily avoids the attacks surrounding his body with Ryuuou and then lands an attack on Kaidou.

The attack uses the advanced Armament Haki which can damage the insides of a being.

This confirms the color of the Ryuuou aura to be red, just like Luffy’s Gear Fourth Haki in the anime.

All this is going to happen in future, but for them to reveal so much in the opening I don’t know what they were thinking. Maybe they are just trying to hype the audience by showing glimpses of what Wano has to offer.

The opening then ends with nine of the Straw Hats gathering under a Sakura tree on top of a hill next to the Orochi Castle.
This is a classic, Nagamine style.

That’s all for the new stuff in this opening! If you want to watch this episode yourself, you can do so officially via Crunchyroll if it is available in your country!


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