Novel Law Part 3

Rough Summary translated by @NoxDRaz

  • Three years later, Law learned from the newspaper that Doflamingo became the King of Dressrosa and he understood the true meaning of the original Corazon’s intentions. He determined to “someday" to go to Dressrosa.
  • At the same time, the lives of 5 of them continue. One day, when Law finished his work and went to the town, he heard the commotion and found a pirate invasion. At this time, Beppo and others also rushed over.
    Law noticed that two of them – a muscle man like a sumo wrestler and a Captain looked like they were difficult to deal with, so Penguin told Wolff via a den den mushi.
  • At this time, the patrolman Rade arrived, and from his conversation with the captain of the pirates, the captain named Bakka set fire to the town 20 years ago.
  • Rade asked the captain for the purpose, and the captain indicated that there were two purposes.
    First was because they challenged the “Grand Line" and many of their crew members were either killed or injured.
    The other is to find the treasures buried on the island.
  • They got evidence on the way to the voyage and found that the treasure did exist. Bakka forced the location of the treasure from Rade, when Wolf arrived. Wolf was actually the father of Bakka and was a companion of the Bakka group. Wolff said that he would personally stop Bakka’s atrocities, but he was beaten to the ground by Bakka.
  • Law and others saw the confrontation with Bakka. Law hit Bakka with an iron rod/pipe, but Bakka was unharmed. After a few rounds, Bakka was tired of launching a wave of light from his eyes, and Law realized that he was an ability user or Devil Fruit user.
  • Law and others escaped the light wave, but found that the people in the town were hit and became unconscious, controlled by Bakka. Law wants to use “ROOM", but under the persuasion of Shachi, he temporarily retreats and returns home.
  • After returning home, Wolff talked to the four about his past. Bakka is his own son, who has been evil since he was a child. He wanted to go out to sea about 25 years ago. Wolf wanted to bring keep check on him so he went out with him. However, Bakka has become more and more unscrupulous at sea, and even set fire to his hometown after failing to challenge the “Grand Line" 20 years ago.
  • Wolff couldn’t stop it, and since then he has broken up with Bakka and started living alone on this Island.
  • Wolf’s son, Bakka, is the user of Dero Dero fruit, which has the ability to dissolve anything. He can turn himself into liquid, and he can shoot beam that can “dissolve people’s heart”(to control them) from his eyes. If the people who got hit by the beam were not released from its effect within 24 hours, they will die, “their heart will be completely dissolved”. They either need to kill the user or make him pass out other than when he’s sleeping.
  • Law and others are determined to fight “now", but it has been four hours since they were manipulated, but they can’t think of anything.
  • Through the telescope on the roof, they speculated that Bakka might be in the temple in the center of the island, but the town was full of unconscious people, and they could not go to the temple without any harm. At this time, Wolf seemed to have an idea, and for the first time he invited Law and others to go to his research room. The research room is located in the depths of the jungle, and there are various inventions that Law and others have never seen before. Just as they were shocked, Wolf took them to a cave at the bottom, where a yellow submarine was parked. When the submarine was launched, it heard the rubbing sound of “叽—”, which turned out to be the true body of the “swallows flying under the sea”. Wolf said that the submarine was made of very hard metal, so you can penetrate the ground from the sea to the land. In this way, they inhabited the submarine from the shrine to invade the temple, ready to defeat Bakka – (to be continued)

Illustrations from Kim Jung Gi

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