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Novel Law Part 4

The below summary is translated by me ( @NoxDRaz ) and I am not allowing anyone to copy, edit, re-post, and reprint it. Please do not infringe and plagiarize this work. Happy Reading. Enjoy!
I am not in my best condition since I have caught a cold so I made it as brief as possible.
One Piece Novel Law Part 4 is the final part of the Novel.
After Law and others entered the temple, they easily knocked down the soldiers inside but did not see Bacca and Borcano. Just as they moved on,  Borcano the Sumo guy rushed out and smashed Bebo, Shaqi, and Penguin. Law, who managed to avoid the sudden attack, wanted to help them but Penguin told him that he, Beppo and Shaqi will take care of Borcano and asked Law to concentrate on Bacca instead. So Law and Wolff went on to face Bacca.
Baccaa is still searching for the treasure. At this point, Wolff told Bacca that the Treasure had already been found by him. And because of the treasure, he could revitalize the town and buy metal to build a submarine. Bacca, who was informed of the truth, was furious and threatened to kill them. The submarine was dismantled for money and the battle officially began.
Wolff prepared the lens/goggles in advance to resist Bacca’s dissolving light beam attack, but Law could still not beat Bacca with his powers. At this time, Wolff told Law to use the knife in his hand. The knife contained seastone, which could hurt Bacca. Law successively launched an attack, Bacca fell down(purposely) and pretended to be hurt. When he was down, he set a trap at his feet to capture Law.
Seeing that Law was about to be hit by Bacca, Wolff blocked Bacca’s attack with his body, and as a result, fell unconscious. Law wanted to fight back, but he realized that the knife in his hand had already been broken. It turned out that Bacca did not dodge the attack but he used a little bit of acid stored in his body to corrode the sword. Losing his weapons, Law fell into a situation where he had nowhere to go.
On the other hand, Bepo, Shaqi, and Penguin were clearly at a disadvantage in the face of Borchano. Borchano wrapped fat all over his body very quickly. Bepo couldn’t hurt him, he was smashed in the corner, and the temple was crumbling. Although Shaqi and Penguin managed to injure Borchano a little, they were seriously injured from his counterattack. Just when Borchano was about to kill Shaqi and Penguin, Bepo looked at the full moon in the sky and turned into the “Sulong” form. After the awakening of the Mink family’s secret weapon, even Borchano could not stand it and was eventually defeated by the three. Penguin later told  Bepo that he was awakened by the full moon and that they had to cover his eyes with a hat in order to calm him down. 
Bacca was constantly chasing Law, who was bare-handed. Bacca constantly ejected strong acid from his mouth, but his physical strength is about to be exhausted. Law did not pay attention to Bacca’s a mace and fell to the ground, suddenly realizing that there is electricity in his body. Bacca shouted out his ‘freedom’ to kill and kill, to live according to his own desires. At this point, Law made up his mind to defeat the enemy and what he considered to be “freedom.” Bacca’s attack was getting weaker and weaker. Law looked at the right time to use the “Counter shock” and eventually knocked down Bacca.
After this, Wolf who had just come to his senses wanted to kill Bacca, but he was stopped by Law.  Law said: “I don’t want to see my family killing each other again.”, Wolff stopped and got teary-eyed.
After this, the people in the town regained consciousness, the Navy came to arrest Bacca. Law and the others were hospitalized for a week, during which time Law decided to go out to sea.
After returning home, Law told Wolff his decision. Law said, “Although I am going to be a pirate, I will never become like Bacca”. Law decided to go out to sea after a week, and bid farewell to the people in the town within this week. Wolff did not stop him but told him that he was free to stay on the island.
In the evening, Law told Bebo and others to make their own decision and asked them what they thought as if they were pretending they had nowhere to be. The three quickly decided to follow Law to go out to sea. In the following week, they were preparing to go out to sea while working.
The day before leaving, Wolff called them to his lab and gave them the submarine. The Jolly Roger was made at that time.  Law renamed the submarine to “Polar Tang”.
On the day of departure, the people in the town came to see them off. When he set sail, Law finally told Wolff the gratitude and disappointment buried in his heart, calling him “the best friend.” After that, Law named their crew the “Heart Pirates” in memory of the love showed by Cora-san, the gentleness of Wolff, and the trust between the partners. The “Heart Pirates” sailed off. 
(End of the Story)

*There will be some more information about it in the Shonen Jump[Not Sure].

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