Oda and Kishimoto When Naruto Ended!!

Oda and Kishimoto When Naruto Ended!!

Welcome back mates!! I guess you want to know more about the relation between Eiichiro Oda and Masashi Kishimoto huhh!! Well If not, now that you are here, why not take small peek at the kind of relationship they had as rivals.

So without further ado, lets just take a quick look at the 15 years of Naruto’s history.

Being part of the Jump family — and especially being both of the creators of Jump‘s most treasured properties — over the years, Eiichiro Oda and Masashi Kishimoto have often mentioned each other in the Jump author comments, they have drawn parodies of the others’ respective series’ main character for their series’ tenth anniversary, and today, the One Piece Podcast would like to share with you a retrospective of the last fifteen years of Oda and Kishimoto’s interaction seen in and out of Jump.

One Piece 10 Year Anniversary Booklet: One Piece 10th Treasures.
Monkey D. Luffy as drawn by Masashi Kishimoto (anno 2007)

Naruto Official Fanbook Naruto Secret – The Book of Everyone
Eiichirô Oda drawing Naruto (anno 2009)

Weekly Shônen Jump Issue 22-23: Dream Carnival campaign
Eiichirô Oda draws Luffy the way he’d look like if he were part of the Naruto world (anno 2014).

The final panel of Naruto Chapter 700

One Piece Chapter 766 Cover page.

On the cover page of One Piece chapter 766 you can see Luffy eating a bowl of ramen — from what seems to be the infamous “Ichiraku Ramen” from Naruto — and sitting at a table with what appears to be Naruto eating a piece of meat. The green squares show the so-called “Naruto,” an ingredient in ramen, and in blue are highlighted certain series related references (the Kanoha mark, Ichiraku, the milk with the ramen) and in red, if you connect the first letters of the items on the menu written on the wall in the back, you can see Oda’s message to Naruto: 「ナルト、おつれさまでした。」(Naruto, thanks for all the work/Good job!). Of course the One Piece title itself was also given a facelift for this chapter.

(Source: The Asahi Shimbun, Nov. 10, 2014)

Lastly, if you were to take the first syllable of each of the characters’ names in this scene, you would get ナ(ミ)ル(フィ)ト(二ートニー・チョッパー)(Na[mi]Lu[ffy, pronounced similarly to what we’d write Ruffy in Japanese]To[ny Tony Chopper])


Q: Were you aware of One Piece? KISHIMOTO: It is impossible to be unaware. (Both Naruto and One Piece) are serialized in the same magazine, and One Piece has always been running ahead of the pack. I have been able to work so hard writing Naruto thanks to One Piece.

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