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Oda’s Heartwarming message on Luffy’s Statue in Kumamoto!!

Today Oda gave heartwarming message about Luffy’s statue in Kumamoto Prefecture, Oda’s hometown.

Oda: Luffy’s statue will be displayed!!
I’m super—excited about this news! I thought such an honorable opportunity would be given to only those legendary national mangakas around the age of 70 who have a 50-year-serialization.
Actually I was recently awarded Prefecture Honor Award from Kumamoto, my hometown. The prize winners are supposed to plant a tree in front of Prefecture Office, but since I’m a mangaka, they kindly decided to build Luffy’s statue. I guess it will take about an hour to arrive there by car from Kumamoto Airport.
OMG!! A celebration statue!! The statue will be publicly displayed at the unveiling ceremony on November 30th. An event will be held as well. The quality of the statue is awesome!! It will be proudly
displayed in a promenade in front of Kumamoto Prefectural Office.

It’s not common that someone has a kindness to build a statue for you. I’m thankful to my hometown. If you travel Kumamoto, be sure to take a pic with Luffy’s statue!!
2 years have passed since the large earthquake hit Kumamoto. In the meantime, another disasters hit some areas in Japan. We need to do what we can to help those victims. It would be great if the number of tourists to Kumamoto will increase through this Luffy’s statue!
Finally, Luffy’s statue will be displayed! I’d appreciate it if you enjoy it for a long time!!”
*Luffy says, “My statue? Really!!? Thank you!!”
Translation by@sandman_AP

*Sadly some Kumamoto citizens were against the idea of spending $0.12 million prefecture money on this statue, but after the fact that Oda made a donation of about $7 million (800 million yen) to Kumamoto was revealed, many of them became silent.

The site where Statue will be established in front of Kumomoto Prefectural Office.

This is the Statue which is completed and will be displayed on November 30th.

The statue of Luffy will finally be unveiled on 30th November!! The unveiling ceremony celebrating the completion of the hero of “ONE PIECE” will be held at the Prefectural office promenade from 12:20 on 30th. Let’s celebrate with everyone!
for more information –

Post Update 30th November. 

Luffy’s Statue is finally revealed to the public!!

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