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One Piece 2019 Character Calendar!!

One Piece Anime Calendar 2019 [Image courtesy @Gizem]
2019’s Anime calendar features the characters from Whole Cake Island of the One Piece universe. It is a Wall Calendar which has 6 pages in total. Each page features multiple characters with 2 Calendar months on the sides.

Price: ¥1,370 (approximately $12.16 plus shipping)
Release Date: September 2018
Available on:

One Piece Miyabi Calendar 2019 [Image courtesy @Gizem]
2019’s Miyabi calendar features the men of the One Piece universe dressed in kimonos. Each page features one character on a patterned background. Measuring approximately 6 inches tall by 7.9 inches wide, the calendar is spiral bound with a cardboard triangle-shaped bottom that lets it stand on its own.

Price: ¥1,370 (approximately $12.16 plus shipping)
Release Date: October 2018
Available on:

One Piece Sexy Calendar – Show 2019

Although the mens calendar has toned down in recent years, the ladies calendar is still going strong with fan service. The 2019 edition has a “sexy circus theme” and features one character per page. This calendar also measures 6 inches tall by 7.9 inches wide and is free standing with a cardboard bottom and spiral binding.

Price: ¥1,370 (approximately $12.16 plus shipping)
Release Date: October 2018
Available on:

One Piece Comic Calendar – 2019 [Image courtesy @Gizem]

This seven page (including cover) calendar features artwork from the manga color spreads. Each page lists two months, one on the left and one on the right. This calendar hangs on the wall and is packed rolled up.

Price: ¥2,592 (approximately $23.22 plus shipping)
Release Date: November 2018
Available on:


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