One Piece 908 Chapter Review

One Piece 908 Chapter Review

Cover Page-
Title-“The Reverie Begins"
Oda still seems to use the spelling as “Lev-aly" Which doesn’t make sense
so the translators are using “Reverie".
Come on Oda I am like fucking bored by seeing Orlumbus stories now…Just change it already. Anyway Notice Orlumbus is left handed…and he is writing a journal(Pirate Behavioural Guide) or whatever it supposed to mean.

He already has a stock of journals on his desk… and Plants too.Btw his daughter is attentively standing there paying attention to her father’s works
PS:She is cute…

Page 1-
The very first panel shows us the top view of the Socializing Plaza..
not many people are present there due to Charlos’s attack…Though I can Identify the naked lady fountains.
Whoa..cute Princess Mansherry… She healed Shirahoshi’s bruises by her healing powers. If you notice Mansherry is sitting on top of Shirahosi’s hand..and she accepted that that she was afraid of Shirahoshi before.
Apparently Rebecca is sitting on Shirahoshi’s tail…while Viola,kureha,Vivi and Karu are standing near her..
BTW who is that gladiator in the corner..???

First I thought It was Kyros.. but apparently the man has two unless Kyros got another leg somehow..its not him.
Maybe just a dressrosa soldier..!!

Page 2-
Ohh before it was female gathering and now its a men’s gathering..
We see Neptune talking to Mjosgard…Did you Notice Ryugu or -Boshi brothers are still pissed.
Dalton is angry is too…Also Sai there and one more person…

I remember those hair.. those damn donut hair..its Igaram…
Also In the previous chapter I thought Kureha brought only one Snow Bunny/Laphan but there are more..did u notice the number 1 and number 3 yet..Maybe there are more…

Whoa Leo has been officially given permission by Mjosgard to beat up anyone to protect Shirahoshi
Yeah Finally Pell came back.. I was wondering where did he go..
BIG NEWS-" A letter was given to King Cobra by Fujitora and they had a meeting with King Riku….
yeah guys it is a big point to note…

I mean we all know Fujitora’s Intentions but my question is Why only Cobra and Riku…the Kingdoms which were both saved by Luffy.
What is Fujitora been plotting all this time…damn.. and Is Greenbull with him in this or not??

Page 3-
Okay so you must be confused about the architecture and as to why there are other gates than Casstle gates…
Well if you remember,

The Pangaea Castle faces perpendicular to the Grand Line..
so there is Paradise in one side and New World in other side..And from both sides there is a way up.
So that’s why there are two gates on both sides..(though i don’t see any guard)

Now what am I seeing a granny… Apparently she is the Queen Dowager of Sorbet/Sorube Kingdom. (Dowager means a widow with a title or property derived from her late husband).
So, Sorbet Kingdom doesn’t have a King,amusing..what about his childrens??? Didn’t had any…

Now to exact opposite of Pangaea Castle is the gate to Celestial Dragon’s realm. You can identify it just by looking at the Claw mark above the Gate.

The Celestial Dragon’s Claw which is marked on everything they own, mostly Slaves.. Also the small figures in front of the castle are the guards and Queen Dowager Connie.
Apparently she wants to enter Celestial Dragon’s realm for some reason but the guards are not allowing her to pass.

Page 4-
Charlos is pretty beat up and is being carried by his Giant slave back to CD’s castle…

Suddenly, his father Rosward/Roswald appears on another slave…btw that dumbass Charlos is crying in front of his father..
And the Black Agent with him is the same from Sabaody.

Page 5-
Seeing this oppurtunity Queen Connie rushed inside the CD’s realm without anyone noticing.

Now Bam…
Enter Bartolomew Kuma…apparently he is the slave on which Rosward is riding.
I can’t believe the scene here… He has a chained collar, swords stabbed all over his body, his face bleeding,
And another thing is that he is wearing all white.. like the PX models in Strong World movie.

Another thing mentioned by Rosward is that it was his turn to rent him again.
So that means Kuma is a common slave used by each Celestial Dragon family turn by turn. That’s horrible even for a slave…
And did you notice…He is the Former King of Sorube Kingdom..So perhaps Connie is his mother or aunt..
Honestly I never thought him to be King of some he became a Revolutionary then infiltrated WG by becoming Warlord.
So that’s how it is..But how did they figure it out…

Page 6-
Meanwhile Queen Connie ran to a hiding place..and wait what did she thought" I can’t believe I ran into him so soon.."- Who does she refered too?? Rosward?? or Kuma??

And wait..That is Bonney…Jewelry Bonney from the Worst Generation..I thought she was held in Impel Down after Akainu captured her..
Btw why did she infiltrate the Reverie..and CD’s domain on top of that…

And if she refered to Kuma earlier..why is that..???
Here’s what I think.. Bonney belongs to Sorube Kingdom which is probably located in South Blue from where She hailed.

And judging by her tears after seeing Kuma in that state and thinking of it as “Absolutely Unforgivable"…
Is she here to save Kuma???

What is her relation with him..
Maybe She really is from Sorube Kingdom and that also explains why she knew how the Sorube Kingdom’s Queen looked like
And she is here to save her Former King…This theory fits.. Whadyya think guys!!

Page 7-
Now exactly beneath the CD’s realm, in the underground are Sabo,Karasu,Morley and Lindbergh..Ofc using Morley’s ability to Swim or change things to
clay/fluids. Btw they are using a lamp in the underground thats obvious or they won’t be able to see each other. Morley is touching the layer above him so it won’t fall..

btw whats with the cylinders that he always carries..are they related to his powers??
He has also placed his Harpoon touching both the top and bottom layer of the pit.

Page 8-
Hey Hey what is Lindberg making..another invention at a place like this..??
Maybe checking his weapon before the Battle.
Also Lindberg reveals why Kuma is being held as a slave..
Apparently the WG wants to Show the world that the power of a person is irrelevant and this is what happens when they defy the Gods.
This makes my doubt clear from earlier chapter that CD’s can kill anyone..even the Kings present in the Reverie if they feel like it…
This isn’t justice.Anyways
Sabo is all out on this either win or die…

Page 9-
These boots, that cloth design and the wearing style…Guess who?? Its Nefertari Cobra. There are few others too among which I can only identify Hamburger leading them.

Who is this dracula?? And a Witch..?? ohh Sterry is goofing around again that idiot..

Various Kings have already started talking about the recent incidents…when Luffy’s name was brought up by King Beer VI, Elizabello started laughing King Beer refered to him as “Prodence", the country’s name instead of Elizabello.That might be a way to call.

Page 10-
So every year there is a different chairman for the Reverie and this time it is Ham Burger…from Ballywood Kingdom.
Ohh this man looks like the King from a English country like United Kingdom..I mean look at his beard..that are hands of the clock right resembling (12:10) time
And this woman was shown with the goggles before the WCI arc.
And there is this Hitler looking Guy. And he is the king of Kano Country.

HamBurger    Mororon    Cobra

1st( King of Kano) and Last Riku rest unknown

And note Oda write Reverie as “Lev ely" with a space in the original chapter which doesn’t make sense…so the translators are sticking to Reverie.
Whoa the conference room… this is different from the simple one which was shown during the flasback. Its round and big…just like a Parliament in today’s world.
There is a Round furniture in the centre having a World Govt symbol which is also on the walls of the room. There are even candle holders on the walls for night meetings..
Every king is provided with newspapers and coffee in front of them.
The conferene has begun. Its still not clear but you can still spot and identify most of the people sitting there.
Here is the all the people who, i can see and identify.

Reverie Participants

Kingdom Representatives

Nefertari Cobra
Riku Doldo III
Thalassa Lucus
King of Kano
Queen Mororon
Elizabello II
Beer VI
Queen Connie of Sorube Kingdom

Enter the Gorosei…They came down the there room was at the top??
The big shots area all wearing coats for the first time since their appearance I guess…

Two of them are wearing black coats, the Gandhi lookalike and the handsome one. Rest are wearing White coats.BTW the Gandhi lookalike is the shortest among the Gorosei.. I always thought the bald one is the shortest.
Bloody Gandhi lookalike is talking about Great Cleaning and it sure doesn’t sound good.

The same shadow guy from then end of Chapter 906. So he is fond of butterflies and flowers huhh?? Btw what if the person is a she??
Apparently the person is in a room full of you can see flowers,veins,trees and stuff.

There is also a sword poked in the ground.And another person is kneeling and refering to the shado guy as Im-sama.
The person so far has not uttered a single word..only thinks in the mind.
And what in the world am i seeing…The sword is poked in Shirahoshi’s Photo.
There are also torn posters of Luffy and Blackbeard.
Seriously WTF is going on here Oda…

This Im-sama heads towards the Empty Throne…Holding  Vivi’s photo and thinking. I can understand he somehow came to know about Shirahoshi’s powers.., maybe Mjosgard told him about the incident on Fishmen Island 10 years ago when he witnessed Shirahoshi’s Powers.
And that’s why This person decided to get rid of her…But What about Vivi then??
Is Vivi somehow connected to Pluton??? Maybe thats why this person is not sure…
What is going on..?? I am freaked man..Damn you Oda..Chapter after Chapter… its just one thing after another…

Page 13-
Now WTH..The Gorosei kneeled down after seeing Im-sama.I knew it.. I always knew that someone is there, some sort of Supreme King who rules above the Gorosei, rules above everyone else
And my theory from way back came true..
Notice the thud sound,he sat on the Empty it was a lie that no one sits on The Empty Throne..just as i fool the rest of the world.. they came up with all that stuff, and even said that there is no one king of this world..

Well here’s the news for yaa…Im-sama is the Supreme being ruling the Gorosei..look at the Gorosei all kneeling in front of him..
They all look nervous as fuck in front of him…
Now they ask about “the light that need to be extinguished from history"
And one of the Gorosei asks whether Im-sama has decided it or not?? He decides all that…thats a proof.
Another Gorosei asks to tell “their" names…

And judging by the torn posters and all…, I think the names are Monkey D Luffy, Marshall D Teach, Shirahoshi and Nefertari Vivi.
But there maybe more who knows…
And one more thing whats with the eye of this creep..Im-sama ?? Looks like the eyes from Naruto…

Anyway Guys!! So much for Shanks mystery..Here comes another mysteries…
I don’t even know where to begin.. it’s just one thing after another…
But at least I am glad my theory came true..yipee…

-Kuma is now a Slave of CD’s.
-Kuma is a former King of Sorube Kingdom
-Bonney infiltrated CD’s realm
-Revolutionary Army have infiltrated and their goal is to save Kuma.
-The conference of the first day has started and chairman is Ham Burger.
-Gorosei suspects King Cobra.
-Im-sama is the Supreme being who rules above Gorosei
-Im-sama is after Luffy,Blackbeard and specially Shirahoshi…
-Not sure about Vivi

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