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One Piece 948 Spoilers


From @EtenBoby
948: Introducing Kawamatsu the Kappa

New cover story “The Fire Tank Pirates that had successfully escaped”

  • To make sure things doesn’t get out of control, the prisoners stop Luffy.
  • In order to give the prisoners hope and to get them out of Luffy’s way, Kawamatsu receives the key and someone’s favorite sword and break out.
  • O-Kiku and Raizou has revealed their identities, and they realize that Grandpa Hyo really is Hyogoro.
  • O-Kiku is going to stop them from reporting to Kaido.
  • A new kind of sword appears in the chapter. It’s called Love Sword (愛刀) or something like that.
  • Kiku’s epithet is Remaining Snow.
  • Kawamatsu used to be the strongest Sumo wrestler. Kawamatsu’s first name Yokozuna is a title given to a strongest Sumo wrestler.
  • His sword is called Soto-musou (Sumo technique).
  • This chapter consists of 17 pages.
  • Break next week


  • Luffy is still fighting Queen’s subordinates with Ryuo while Hyo watches him.
  • The prisoners are trying to chain Luffy after Queen’s subordinates arrange themselves and the leaders of the prison intervene to stop them
  • When the prisoners try to stop luffy it’s a comedy panel
  • Queen’s subordinates trying to enter kawamatsu’s cell while kawamastsu is inside.
  • His shadow(silhouette) appears out of sudden, Raizou appears flying in front of everyone then threw the sword and the key to kawamatsu
  • kawamatsu frees himself
  • Even while kawamatsu opening the cuffs he was in silhouette with his sword
  • Then he killed 4 of Queen’s subordinates
  • Raizou and Kiku going to kawamtsu while they smiling
  • kiku keeps the prisoners away from luffy
  • Raizou and Kiku recognize Hyo
  • last page they together are in a wonderful panelwith chopper transform to his human body
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