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One Piece 954 Scans

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From @sandman_AP

Chapter Title: As if dragon obtains a wing

Zoro accepts Hiyori’s proposal to get Enma and return Shusui.
He plans to visit Ryuma’s grave since he fought Ryuma despite him being a zombie.
Kawamatsu believes Zoro must have had a dream or something about the fight against Ryuma.

Oden was a man of 2-sword-fighting style. One sword is Enma, and the other is called Ame no Habakiri.
Both of them were bestowed to Hiyori and Momonosuke before Oden got executed.

Law is now free from custody thanks to someone’s conspiracy. He decides to go with the conspiracy.
It seems Appo had been under the umbrella of Kaido before Kidd, Hawkins, and Apoo confronted Kaido. (Japanese spoiler summary is ambiguous.)
Hawkins had no choice but to become a subordinate under Kaido for survival.

“Numbers” attend the party that Kaido and Big Mom hold.

Kaido and Big Mom decide to make a pirate alliance. Their subordinates are surprised to hear that.
Kaido and Big Mom say it would not be too late to kill each other after conquering the world.

Law: What happened to your alliance?
Hawkins: We were set up. Scratchman Apoo was an underling of Kaido’s from the start.
Your alliance with Straw Hat went quite well huh? Like good buddies, you came here to Wano.
What is it, did you change your mind?
Law: Don’t ask me. Are you letting me go? If this is a conspiracy of yours, I’ll play along.

6 days until the raid on Onigashima

Kids: What’s that? O-Onigashima’s “Numbers”! Hurry and run or you’ll be eaten!

Hiyori : My father Kouzuki Oden was a swordsman of “2-large-sword-fighting style”.
Before he got executed, his 2 swords were bestowed to each of us.
My elder brother was given Ame no Habakiri and I was given Enma.
Zoro: ……

Hawkins: He said “You’re all welcome to be my subordinates”, he’s constantly looking for strong soldiers……!!
For building the strongest army.
At that moment, the “chance of winning” is 0%, the “chance of a successful escape” is 0%, the “chance of surviving after submission” is 40%. I don’t have a choice……

Kaido: We, the Beast Pirates and!!!
Big Mom: the Big Mom Pirates Have!!!
Decided that we’re going to form a “Pirate Alliance”!!!
Beast Pirates: Huh~~~~~~~?!!
P: We’ll work together!!! And take over the world!!
???: We’ll finish the fight after that~~~!!!

Kin’emon: We still have a couple of problems left, but thanks to all of your efforts, we have an ideal increase in soldiers. Even though we don’t have any information on “Denjiro”, we’ve gathered 7 retainers of the Kouzuki clan!!
Shutenmaru: We’re wasting our time!!
Kin’emon: Indeed, let us start!! The strategy meeting!!

Nami: Amazing, the people of Wano get the meaning of the message instantly.
—So what does it mean? You add dots to Habu(venomous snake) and it becomes Babu?
Kin’emon: You can only understand this message if you have knowledge of the names of the ports in Wano
In our first drawing, the snake shows our meeting place, the Habu Port. And you add two sets of legs to it.
The ports of Wano all have names based on animals, though the body is a bit long, but if you add legs to a snake, it becomes “lizard”(Tokage).

From left to right:
Neko Port(cat)
Itachi Port(weasel)
Tokage Port(Lizard)
Habu Port(venomous snake)
Mogura Port(Mole)
Kaeru Port(frog)

Hiyori: Both of which are swords with honorable origin made by 2 famous craftsmen that used to be known throughout Wano country.
Kawamatsu: That’s why!! You can’t, Princess!! How can you let some random guy that we don’t know where he came from!! Use Lord Oden’s sword!!
Hiyori: I don’t know how the sword of the Sword God Ryuma, “Shusui”, got into your hands
Zoro: (Well…Moria probably stole it)
Hiyori:—but, it’s a “sacred treasure” that when stolen can lead to sorrow throughout the country.

ONE PIECE is on Break Next Week!
Author’s comment: I learned about making Swiss roll from the world’s number one chocolatier, Koyama-san, I also ate Koyama roll. It’s the taste of happiness!!

source od the summary and pics : 5ch

Udon: Prisoner Mine—
Hyogoro: Imagine that’s Kaido’s skin!!
Remember your defeat!!!
That you couldn’t do anything after giving all you got!!
We don’t have time!!
And our enemy is a monster!!!
But you can do it!!!
Prisoners: That metal’s being turn into konnyaku…….

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