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One Piece 955 Spoilers



From Etenboby

Chapter 955 Enma
Cover: the Fire Tank Pirates are buying food supplies on a certain island

Amigasa Village—
Kawamatsu and Zoro are telling the others about Hiyori.
Hiyori, due to the battle drawing closer, has decided that she will not meet with everyone else at this moment.
Sanji is being nice to Momonosuke after learning that the beauty that was with Zoro is his sister.
Okiku give Nidai Kitetsu to Tengu.
Tengu tells everyone that he’s been waiting for the chance to return the two swords, “Ama no Habakiri” and “Enma”, to Momonosuke and Hiyori. Those two swords are both O Wazamono, just like Shusui.
Sandai Kitetsu and Ama no Habakiri were made by Tengu, and the name of the craftsman that made Wado Ichimonji and Enma is Shimotsuki Kouzaburo.
Tengu give Ama no Habakiri to Momonosuke, but Momo decide that he’ll leave the sword in Tengu’s hands for a while, Enma is given to Zoro.
Zoro wanted to try out the sword with a tree, but he ended up slicing the coast with a single swing!
That’s because the sword will…?!

3 days until the final battle

Robin tells everyone that ,according to her information, there’s about twenty thousand men in the Beast Pirates, and Orochi has another ten thousand.
This battle will be 4,000 vs 30,000.

Kuri: Itachi Port—
Franky is working hard with everyone to fix the ships.

Udon: Prisoner Mine—
Luffy is training and leveling up under Grandpa Hyo.

2 days until the final battle

Amigasa Village—
Chopper, Luffy and the others arrive at the village, adding 200 men to their forces.

1 day until the final battle
Everyone is ready! Onward to Onigashima!

End of Wano Country Act 2!

From Redon

  • Chapter 955: “Enma”.
  • In the cover, Fire Tank Pirates are near to Dressrosa to buy some supplies
  • All chapter is in Wanokuni, no Reverie or another island.
  • Wano Kuni Act 2 ends in this chapter
  • Luffy and Zoro are training during all chapter
  • Kinemon and Luffy meet again!!

From hiktoj

  • Luffy managed to learn the new Haki (what Hyou is teaching him)
  • Law appears in the last page
  • Tengu was waiting to return the two swords
  • Zoro was trying to test the sword on a tree but he cut the coast
  • 3 days left
  • Franky work hard to repair the ships
  • 2 days left
  • Robbin said the situation is not optimistic 4000vs30000
  • Luffy came with 200 men
  • 1 day left going to Onigashima island, act 2 ends

From Sandman

  • Orochi already knows about Tokage Port where Samurai allies are going to meet.
  • Both Wado Ichimonji and Enma were created by the same person. His name is Shimotsuki Kouzaburou, who went out of Wano country illegally more than 50 years ago.
  • #”Zabu” as in Kozaburo means 3 and “Shi” as in Koushiro (Zoro’s mentor) means 4 in Japanese, so probably Kouzaburou and Koushiro have some blood relationship.
  • According to Hitetsu, Enma will be classified as “Saijou O Wanamono” (Supreme Grade) if Zoro manage to turn it into Black Blade permanently.

The Cover page of Vol.94 is Kaido facing big mom. Luffy on top Kawamatsu hat with chopper

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