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One Piece 957 Scans


Chapter 957

One Piece Chapter 957 Spoilers:

  • This Chapter is almost entirely about the Yonkou and Rox.
  • The Navy was in a big panic because of Kaidou and Big Mom’s alliance news.
  • All Yonkou Wanted posters (pictures + bounties) are revealed at the end of the chapter.
    Their bounties are around 4,000,000,000 Berries.
  • Shirohige, Big Mom and Kaido were on the Rox ship.
  • Rox also had a D. in his name
  • Garp and Gol D. Roger joined forces to defeat Rox.
  • All Wanted Posters.
    Shanks: 4,000,000,000 de Berries. (4 Billion)
    Big Mom: 4,300,000,000 de Berries. (4.3 Billion)
    Kaido: 4,600,000,000 de Berries. (4.6 Billion)
    Whitebeard: 5,000,000,000 de Berries. (5 Billion)
    Gol D Roger: 5,500,000,000 de Berries. (5.5 Billion)
  • No Break Next Week

Sengoku: one of the reasons being that their relationship was so bad they don’t have a successor. Their captain, Rocks, has the ambition of becoming “king of the world”

Sengoku: There’re other pirates, who later became famous, that originated from “Rocks” Pirates… “Golden Lion”, “Silver Axe”, “Captain John”, “Ouchoku”

Sengoku: Kaido and Big Mom, it is true that they used to be on the same ship, however, their current strength is on a whole different level than it is 38 years ago. If the information on their “alliance” is true, then the worst pirate crew in the world is about to be borne.
Brannew!! What are the current bounties of those two?
Brannew: Oh yes, we are working on the new bounties of those who have been stripped of their Warlord position.
Let’s review all of their bounties.
—First, we have “Blackbeard”, whom people started to call an Emperor about a year ago. He obtained strong subordinates during the attack on Impel Down 2 years ago. Right now he’s the “ruler” of Pirate Island Beehive. He’s the new power that replaced Whitebeard, and he’s still growing.
The admiral of “Blackbeard Pirates”, Marshall “D” Teach!! Bounty: 2.2476 billion berries!!!
—Next, we have him who’s been call an Emperor for 6 years, the youngest of the four and he’s trusted by his subordinates.
Beckman, Roo, and Yasopp…his commanders make a name for themselves one after another. Known for having a high average bounty among the members, the crew with the best balance, a impregnable crew.
The leader of “RedHair Pirates”, “RedHair Shanks”!!! Bounty: 4.0489 billion berries!!!
Next, it is said that she attacked a village of Elbaf when she’s just a child. A natural born monster!! She is a dictator queen who doesn’t believe anything other than bloodline, and created a bizarre country known as “Totto Land” with her 85 children.
Captain of “Big Mom Pirates”, Charlotte LinLin!!!
Bounty: 4.388 billion berries!!!
And—even though he was just a “pirate apprentice” at the “Rocks Pirates”………later his personal strength attracts the respect of groups of brutal pirates, to the point of being call an Emperor.
The General of “Beasts Pirates”, “Kaido of the Beasts”. Bounty: 4.6111 billion berries!!!

From now on, we’ll not be able to use the “Warlords” against the “Four Emperors”!! Whether the choice of omitting those poisonous ones is correct or not, is depended on the future work of SSG, the special science corp of Marine.

—By the way we’ll also review the bounties of those legendary men.
Captain of “Whitebeard Pirates”, Edward Newgate!! Bounty: 5 billion berries!!!
Captain of “Roger Pirates”, the “Pirate King” Gold Roger, bounty: 5.5 billion berries!!!

According to news reports, in the God Valley incident 38 years ago, the Rocks Pirates was destroyed by Marine Vice Admiral Garp.
Which is why he’s called the “Hero of Marine”, though he himself doesn’t like that title.
What really happened was: in order to protect the Celestial Dragons and their slaves, Garp and Roger worked together to defeat the Rocks Pirates.
One of the reasons Garp refuses to be promoted to admiral is that admirals are direct subordinates of the Celestial Dragons.

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