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One Piece 964 Spoilers


Oden’s Adventures

Even though his request of joining Whitebeard was turned down, his stubbornness led to Whitebeard and his crew sneaking away at night to leave.
Oden jumps into the sea, and they captured Oden and Izou, who chased after Oden, with ropes.
Whitebeard decided that Oden will stay this way, and he only pull Izou up.
He then said to an enraged Izou that if he wants him to give up then he’ll have to persuade Oden himself.
They made a deal that if Oden can endure for 3 days, then he’ll let him on the ship.
Oden was exhausted when he had just a hour left.

On the beach Toki was troubled by bad guys, and that’s when she met a worn out Oden.
The bad guys appeared again after they’ve been chased away.
It’s Whitebeard who came back that helped them.
Oden, Izou, Toki all got on Whitebeard’s ship.
Oden’s happy that he’s traveling from places to places.

Shanks and Buggy read about Whitebeard Pirates’ successes from newspaper.
And Roger who says that he wants to meet that samurai



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