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One Piece Anime Wano Kuni Teaser

One Piece Anime Wano Kuni Teaser

On 2nd June 2019, the Official One Piece website’s twitter handle released a 30 sec teaser of Wano Kuni Hen.

Now Wano Kuni hen has been going on in the manga for almost a year and fans are excited to watch all of those epic chapters get animated as soon as possible.  Luckily they don’t have to wait anymore since Wano Kuni hen will start airing from 7th July 2019.

Sit tight because you will be on the edge of your seat while watching every episode of the Wano Kuni hen.

Wano Kuni Hen is based on the 16th Century Nihon or Japan which is a century before the Edo period. It draws out the rich culture and tradition of Ancient Japan in a modern way.
Oda has twisted and gave his personal touch to some things like making characters more colourful than usual.

For Japan lovers, this arc is a feast which not only shows the good side but also the dark sides of the ancient Japan.
Wano is going to be the most amazing Arc not just in One Piece but in the history of anime/manga. It’s that great.
I won’t talk much because it would spoil the non manga readers.
So just hang in there because the best is yet to come.

Long Live the Straw Hat Pirates!


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