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One Piece Blue Deep: Characters World ワンピースブルーディープ:キャラクターワールド Wan pīsu burū dīpu:Kyarakutā wārudo) is the fifth databook that went on sale on March 2, 2012.

1. It’s almost impossible to find a ship that is big enough for Sanjuan Wolf.
2. Jesus Burgess’ mask may be taken off some day and his face will be seen.
3. Shiki the Golden Lion was as strong as Roger, chapter 0 is a part of OP, but not in the main storyline, instead, it’s the history that has happened in OP. (not the film strong world.)
4. Jewelry Bonney has a deep relationship with the WG.
5. Mihawk is older than Shanks, the two of them have the same constellation, Pisces. (LOL)
6. Speed Jiru, the commander of the 14th division, is the fastest man in the Whitebeard Pirates.
7. During time-skip, Robin was assisting the RA under Dragon and mastered vast knowledge.
8. The Pacifistas used in the Summit War of Marineford were trial products and each cost hundreds of millions of Belly.

Author: Eiichiro Oda
Publisher: Shueisha
Released: March 2, 2012
Pages: 298
ISBN: 978-4-08-870445-6

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9. Vista’s swordmanship is strong enough to fight Mihawk.
10. Benn. Beckman is a super sniper elite. (also the smartest person in OP.)
11. Vivi as the representative of Alabasta is going to attend the World Meeting that is quadrennial. (IMO, Dragon & Luffy will be the hottest issue.)
12. Blackbeard has the strongest DF abilities.
13. It indirectly implies Sabo is dead, directly in Green Databook as a statement of fact. (I dont know why…)
14. Yasopp has a history with Vista.
15. Laffitte may be capable of entering any place.
16. Haoshoku haki has three levels (examples used are before time-skip): primary – Ace & Luffy (subconsciously);  middle – Rayleigh (volitionally);   advanced – Shanks (continuously)

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