One Piece DOORS!

One Piece Doors! is a collection of the Cover Stories and other illustrations on the chapter covers.
Additionally, a “secret mystery” hidden in the cover stories will be revealed.


The first volume was released on June 4 and contains the first six and a half years of chapter covers, from Chapter 2 to Chapter 305(excluding color spreads). The second volume was released a month later on July 4 and contains the rest of the first half of the series’ chapter covers, from Chapter 306 to Chapter 597 (excluding color spreads).

The book feature the covers of each chapter as they were released on Shueisha’s tankōbon version. There are new versions of the Cover Stories covers, with the cover story and volume title above the cover image and the corresponding chapter name and number below it. The title also have the cover story order. The second volume had a stylized title for each cover story. Before and after each cover story, a brief history of the featured characters before and after the events of the cover story is described.


  • The first volume’s cover features the image from the cover of Chapter 475, and the second is from the cover of Chapter 481.
    • Luffy’s silhouette on the logo, the title, the volume number, and the auther’s name on the covers are in the character that is featured on the cover signature color: Red for Luffy on the first volume, and green for Zoro on the second.
    • Those cover were the top voted cover page in a poll published in One Piece Color Walk 4 Eagle.
    • The covers are colored as the Digitally Colored Manga renditions.

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