‘ONE PIECE’ Magazine Vol. 7 coming on August 9th – Details Inside

“ONE PIECE Magazine" Vol.7 will be released on August 9th. An Illustration for the Magazine Vol. 7 drawn by Taiyo Matsumoto is published in the magazine.
Matsumoto appeared in the planning of “ONE PIECE” drawn by famous artists who draw “ONE PIECE” pictures.

  • In addition, Vol.7 features a 103-page theatrical version of “ONE PIECE STAMPEDE", which includes setting notes by Oda, interviews behind the production stage, and interviews with guest voice actors.
  • Also in the “Devil’s Fruit Picture Book” corner, the visuals of Bijo Bijo no mi and Gasha Gasha no mi whose users appear in the ‘ONE PIECE STAMPEDE’ movie will be shown for the first time.
  • As an extra, the “ONE PIECE STAMPEDE” visual poster and a Usopp Wanted Poster are also included.
  • In addition to this the serial novel “ONE PIECE Novel LAW" has been finalized in this issue.

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“ONE PIECE magazine Vol.7" [Book version / Kindle version]
[Book] Released August 9, 2019/972 yen / Shueisha / 978-4081022946

source: NatalieComic


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