Line is from Mr. Oda again! “the Cookie-man appeared on the desk when I drew a manuscript ‼️(°◇°)” I remember the preface color of when!

Translation – Mr. Oda from LINE … “Two names of dinosaurs appeared on the desk after name A! That’s right! LOL what kind of desk …! Lol

Translation- Jump released today! Be careful! One piece magazine Vol.4 (10/19 sale) is posted on “GRAVACO”, and a novel featuring LOW is featured “ONE PIECE novel LAW”! Illustration is “Ashley Wood” who also respects Mr. Oda! Novel is a new generation writer “Akira Sakagami”! I am showing a chiller image illustration in this issue!

Translation- VIVRE CARD Usopp and Sanji meet east ocean section low, Kid super emerging star pack release tomorrow! !

Translation- It’s Monday! Jump on sale !! At last in this issue “GRAKABAKO”! “ONE PIECE magazine Vol.4” Open the cover with Don Don! Row’s arrangement order The visual of the fukuro is also the fastest lifting ban! Here [sale on October 19 (Friday)]! looking forward to! ! ※ Delivery is delayed in some areas. please note that.
https: // 181001_7961.html …


Last week, the jump is released today on Saturday! Please be careful! “Wanowari Country Hen” is the development of angry waves!! In “Square”, the end of October 31 [Tokyo one-piece tower] is featured in the Log gallery season 4! The excitement of the time of reading revives, it is the best exhibition…! Please try to visit once!

In the summer of 2019, the One Piece theatrical version of the JUMP super large page propaganda map was announced. Last week’s JUMP said that One Piece Animation’s “unprecedented major release” was once again proved to be a flicker. In fact, it was released in theatrical version and there was no substantive plot information.
The specific official slogan is [TV Animation 20th Anniversary Super Theater Theatrical Edition! Released in the summer of 2019! —-The unprecedented “adventure” of scale is about to begin]

One Piece Animation DVD SEASON 19 Cake Island article 14th play Mother Carmel theme cover release, will be released on October 3.

On August 25th, after the special article on the night sky island, the big news of the One Piece was officially announced! ! In the summer of 2019, the new theatrical version of One Piece is openly decided!!

Eiichiro Oda draws a memorial picture to thank the cherry woman!!!
On August 27th, the Official announcement of the news of “Cherry Maruko” author Cherry Zi died of breast cancer on August 15, 2018. The One Piece official post today issued a mourning picture of the teacher of the cherry tree teacher, One Piece, the author of Oda Eiichiro. The text on the picture is: [Grateful thanks to Ms. Cherry Ms. – Oda 2018]

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