One Piece Novel A Volume 2- Full Summary!!

The second part of Ace’s novel was released on June 4th. The story is divided into seven chapters, which are the prologue and chapter 1-6.


Prologue: 11 pages
1st Chapter: 35 pages
2nd Chapter: 37 pages
3rd Chapter: 27 pages
4th Chapter: 37 pages
5th Chapter: 67 pages
6th Chapter: 19 pages

Whitebeard is smiling in a captain’s room and reads a newspaper that reports Ace’s rejection about World
government’s offer to join Shichibukai. Thatch enters the room. Whitebeard praises that sea snake soup was delicious today. Thatch tells him to take a medicine since otherwise Thatch would be scolded by a doctor. 4th division where Thatch belongs is responsible for a kitchen in WB pirates.
Thatch is a cook. He tells Whitebeard that Jinbe is going to leave the ship.

Whitebeard goes out of his room and finds Jinbe, who is about to dive into the sea. Whitebeard complains to him
that he leaves the ship and goes to Marineford without saying any words. Whitebeard hands over the newspaper
about Ace to Thatch and asks Jinbe if he knows Ace. Jinbe already knows his name and DF ability since so many
bounty posters about Ace are spreading .

Thatch says to Jinbe that Whitebeard needs to refrain from eating salty foods for his health. Thatch asks Jinbe to let
them know if Jinbe gets to know more info about Ace.
Thatch and Jinbe talk politely. Thatch calls Jinbe “Boss Jinbe” (Jinbe—Oyabun) and Jinbe calls him “Thatch—san” like
he calls Ace “Ace-san”.

[Chapter 1] 

Spade Pirates are in Fishman Island. Many of the crewmates visit Mermaid Cafe as soon as they arrive at the island. Deuce is worried that Ace might visit there as well, but Skull says he doesn’t know Ace‘s whereabouts.

Actually Ace is sleeping while eating in a cheap restaurant in Gyoverly Hills. Customers are staring at this weird man.
When he wakes up, Ace wipes his face with a apron of a female staff (eel fishman).

A tough-looking guy with a long hair talks to Ace. He tells Ace that Princess Shirahoshi has no choice but to hide in a
Palace due to Vander Decken IX. Ace tells him that rebellion might occur under such a weak King who can’t even protect his Princess enough. The long haired guy warns Ace not to say that again. Ace apologizes that he doesn’t care about a country he passes by since he is a pirate. The guy tells Ace that rebellions will not occur thanks to 2 guys; Whitebeard and Jinbe.

Ace seems interested and stares at the long haired guy. “Whitebeard…” The guy feels he shouldn’t underestimate Ace despite his young age. Ace drinks up his liquor instantly as if he wants to declare that he will drink up Whitebeard as well. The guy asks Ace about his name. Ace replies, “I’m
Portgas D Ace. Even in this deep sea, everyone will hear my reputation in the future.” The guy is surprised since he has already heard about his name via newspaper. The guy turns out to be Aladdin. He is wondering if Ace is just a idiot or a big shot. The restaurant staff realizes that Ace left without
paying money…

Ace comes back to his ship called “Piece of Spadille”. He envies other crewmates who are out to enjoy
Mermaid Cafe. According to Miharl, who was a teacher before and gives lessons to crewmates how to read newspapers, other members didn’t ask Ace to visit the cafe since they thought Ace would be pretty popular among mermaids.

Ace says that the weakest point of Spade Pirates is that they don’t have a cook. A middle-aged female
pirate named Bancy usually cooks for them, but Ace says that even the bandits in Mount. Colbo ate more delicious food.

Deuce returns to their ship and shows new Ace’s bounty poster. Ace is glad that his bounty is more than 100 million berry now. On the other hand, Deuce is worried if they can survive in tough New World.

He is surprised that Ace is staring at a pirate flag of Whitebeard. Deuce tells him not to pick a fight against Whitebeard. Ace says, “We’ll be aiming to reach the “summit” of pirates. Anyone has been able to join Spade Pirates, but from now on, those who don’t have the courage to fight should just keep running after mermaid’s ass!”

Ace burns Whitebeard’s pirate flag with his DF. It looks like a fire flag. “This is the flag of Spade Pirates
with my reputation!” Crewmates come back to the ship. None of them have a fear on their faces after
seeing WB’s flag burned by Ace. They need to leave Fishman Island before many people notice this incident. Ace’s ambition is burning like a fire. “Let’s set sail to New World!”

Ace has to obtain a huge reputation that can change the era and go beyond Pirate King. Otherwise, his hatred toward his own father and the world would kill himself.

[Chapter 2]

Spade Pirates arrive in New World. Some of the crewmates complain that they want to eat delicious foods in Mermaid Cafe again. Ace tells them that they should at least appreciate the fact that they can eat hot food on the sea thanks to Ace’s fire. They want their own cook for a crewmate.

Deuce tries to stop Ace from going to meet Yonkou Shanks. According to unknown sources related to World
Government, Shanks is scary when he gets mad;
Whitebeard is scary when someone does bad things against their honor and humanity; Big Mom is scary when
she is in a bad mood; Kaido is scary enough with his existence. If we consider WB and Big Mom as old generation,
Kaidou and Shanks belong to younger generation.

To let crewmates know about Shanks’ personality, Ace mentions the incident between Shanks and a bandit
(Higuma) in Windmill Village. No one else in Spade Pirates has heard about it. Deuce is surprised that Shanks
apologized to a bandit despite him smashing a bottle.
Deuce asks him if Ace has met Shanks before, but he denies. Ace wants to know what made Shanks become
Yonkou. It is more difficult to know the whereabouts of Shanks than any other Yonkous.

Ace appears in a cave in winter island where Red Hair Pirates are holding a dinner party. None of the executives are not surprised at his sudden visit. Shanks asks Ace, “You want to greet me…?” The fire on wood fuel wavers. Actually it was Shanks’ Conqueror Haki, but Ace is strong enough to withstand it.

Ace starts a pretty polite and old-fashioned greetings to Shanks. Ace introduces himself about where he was born and was brought up, but he forgot his bounty. “Well.. Do you happen to know how much is my bounty..?”

Ace says that Makino told him about this way of greetings. Red Hair Pirates are interested to hear the name of Makino and decide to receive a big bottle of sake from Ace. Ace tells Shanks that his brother is Luffy. Red Hair Pirates shout, “You should have told us about it, first of all!! “Shanks pats Ace on the shoulder and a party starts!

Ace and Shanks talk about Luffy. When asked if Ace visited Logue Town, he replied that he is not interested in Pirate King unlike Luffy. Ace says the he wants to make his reputation spread all over the world. At this moment, Shanks notices a dark fire lit in Ace’s eyes. He asks, “How do you improve your reputation if you are not interested in Pirate King?” Ace replies that he is aiming to defeat Yonkou. He adds that he has no intention to defeat Shanks.

“Will you tell me among other Yonkous whom you want to defeat? Kaido? Big Mom? Or perhaps…” Ace says,
“Whitebeard.” All executives in Red Hair Pirates including Shanks are surprised. Ace feels his resolution is getting more solid as he talks with Shanks. “My enemy is this whole world. I’ll defeat Shichibukai, Yonkou and even Celestial Dragons.”

Ace asks Shanks from whom he got his scar on the face. Ace is surprised that just a normal crewmate in Whitebeard Pirates hurt him. Red Hair pirates are surprised as well since Shanks has rarely talked about that scar. Shanks says, “I don’t know what he is doing now. This scar has not been aching these days…” The party ends. Spade Pirates leave the island.

Shanks says, “I had noticed Ace’s Haki ever since he was off the coast of this island. He was like a fire itself, wasn’t he?”
Beckman says, “Yeah, that’s why the snow melted away. Now that he left, snowstorm is coming again.”

Shanks asks Beckman about the evaluation for Ace. Beckman says, “Ace is more naive than his appearances.
He seems like a fighter rather than a pirate. He should have joined Revolutionary Army if he wants to destroy
this world. At this rate, he will not be able to become a captain of multiple ships.”

Beckman doesn’t consider Ace deserving a Shichibukai. He is wondering if there is some reason with World
Government behind Ace‘s too high bounty which is far more than 100 million Berry. Shanks says, “Ace said he
was born in Baterilla, South Blue. Baterilla…” Shanks smiles and recalls that Ace had known Roger‘s true
name including D. Beckman thinks the smile looks a bit different from what he usually has seen from Shanks.

[Chapter 3rd ]

According to some information collected by Skull in Spade Pirates, Whitebeard is the strongest in the
world. But the author of this novel says it is not easy to define the word “strongest”. Skull loves anything about
pirates and collects pirates goods. He believes Kaido is the strongest in 1 on 1 fight. He adds that Kaido is the
“strongest creature”. He wouldn’t die even if you tried to kill him; Big Mom is the “strongest family”; Whitebeard is
the “strongest pirate” from the way he has lived.

Deuce analyzes that Kaido is a dangerous pirate who loves violence; Big Mom prefers business; Whitebeard is a classic pirate. Deuce doesn’t know how to analyze Shanks.

Skull opens a sea chart and sets up a chessboard. He says that “Bohemian Knight” Doma, A.O and other pirates are
trying to invade WB’s territory. They are not allied, but they started attacking at the same time. It seems other
Yonkou(s) are involved behind this invasion. Some of WB commanders with 4 ships left Moby-Dick to stop the invasion. Ace says, “It means the defense for white King is weaker than usual, right? This is a nice opportunity to kill
Whitebeard.“ Under Spade Pirates ship, a fishman has been secretly chasing them since they entered New World…

Spade Pirates arrive in a refilling island for WB pirates. The island is surrounded by fog. They heard that WB would
come to this island soon. Deuce warns Ace that some subordinates of WB might be staying in the island. Ace replies, “No problem. If that is the case, we’ll just start a war.

Deuce feels Ace has been more reckless these days ever since he entered New World. Deuce makes a guess that Ace wants to free himself from a prison called Roger. Deuce believes Ace will not be satisfied with becoming Pirate King and getting ONE PIECE since his own father already did the same thing.

A big guy appears from under the sea. He is holding a pirate flag of Spade Pirates and throws it away like a trash. Spade Pirates get mad. A young fishman named Wallace notices the guy is Jinbe. Actually fishmans who were ordered by Jinbe have been chasing Spade Pirates.

Jinbe says, “Oh, you have a fishman in your crewmate… You know who I am, right?” Wallace is trembling with fear. Ace asks with anger, “You… You know what it means!?” Jinbe replies, “That’s my line! Did you know what it meant to burn Whitebeard’s flag in Fishman Islandl? Are you the brat who rejected the offer for Shichibukai?”

Ace releases his fire, which makes the fog in the island starting to clear. The details about the fight between Ace and
Jinbe are not mentioned in the novel. Both of them are exhausted since they keep fighting 5 days. Spade Pirates are
worried about them and at the same time, they are excited to see the full strength of Ace for the first time who is fighting equally against Jinbe.

Spade Pirates have not been able to help Ace during this fight since the fight is much higher level than they can get involved.
Deuce approaches Ace and Jinbe, who are down on the ground. Deuce tells Ace that Spade Pirates will escape from
the island with him since Jinbe is too strong, but Ace doesn’t accept it.

Then, Spade Pirates notice Whitebeard standing on Moby Dick. They scream at the flying slash from Whitebeard. The
scream wakes up Ace who were felting foggy in the head.

Ace released “Flame Fence” so that his crewmates can escape. Ace says, “Let them go. In exchange, I will stay here!”
Whitebeard waits for a moment until Spade Pirates except Ace finish escaping. Ace loses the fight. All of Whitebeard’s words after the fight (“Become my son!” etc) make Ace mad since he feels he is treated like a child.

Some people asked me about the canonicity of Novel Ace. The interview from official OP website might be

  • Oda said it would be appreciated if the novel focuses on Ace.
  • Editors held meetings between Oda and the novel author. They used questions sheets which were prepared beforehand. Oda said, “I hope the author of Novel Ace will feel free to imagine Ace’s personality as much as possible.”
  • Shueisha decided to release Novel Ace Volume 2 since Volume 1 sold well.
  • Novel author created the story. Oda and successive OP editors read it and gave him advices.
  • Shueisha advertised it as official.
  • According to editor Sugita in 2017, the novel author and editor consulted Oda several times when creating the story.

[Chapter 4th]

Ace tries to kill Whitebeard day after day, but he can’t. One day, Ace wakes up in a bed in a medical room. Deuce in white clothes asks him, “Oh, you come here again..” Deuce is surrounded by some nurses. They call him “young sensei (doctor)” with a sexy voice, but Deuce doesn’t want to be called like that since he didn’t graduate from medical school. He dropped out of it after a quarrel with his father, who is a famous doctor.

Several weeks have passed since Ace was defeated by Whitebeard. Deuce is now one of the main doctors in Whitebeard pirates. According to Deuce, medical equipments in Whitebeard Pirates is as excellent as hospitals in big cities. All equipments are prepared for Whitebeard. Deuce says Whitebeard is not as strong as what he used to be in his prime. So many people’s lives are protected under the umbrella of Whitebeard. They will be in danger if something bad happens to Whitebeard’s health. Ace feels Deuce is implying Ace should stop trying to kill WB. Ace makes a sarcasm, “It looks like you’ve joined Whitebeard Pirates, right?”

Deuce replies that Spade Pirates including Ace were defeated by WB pirates, but Whitebeard forgave them. It means they are in debt to WB. Deuce says, “You are my only captain, Ace. I’d like to follow you no matter what life you want to live. But if you try to kill Whitebeard, you should fight him openly. Don’t let me betray you.” Other members in Spade Pirates have already worked under WB; Skull collects information. Miharl teaches how to read/write. Kotatsu (wildcat) is hunting foods. Ace is the only member who doesn’t know where he should belong.

Thatch is the head chef in Whitebeard Pirates kitchen. The members in 4th division have been responsible for kitchen since Thatch became a commander. They are cooks, hunters and fishermen. According to Thatch, they would have killed Ace including his crewmates if Ace was a bit stronger so that Whitebeard Pirates could protect their territory. It means Ace’s life was saved thanks to his weakness.

Teach breaks a plate accidentally when eating a pie. Ace thinks, “What a vulgar guy..”
The big guy Teach looks down at Ace and asks provokingly,”You are the guy with more than 100 million berry bounty
who rejected the offer to join Shichibukai, rightl?”
Ace is cautious about him.

Teach asks, “You are DF user, right? What DF did you eat?”
Thatch says, “He ate Mera Mera fruit. Stop it already, Teach. Ace is young.”
Teach laughs and pats Ace on the back strongly. Ace is about to choke.
Teach asks Ace about the flavor of DF and leaves the dining room with releasing a huge fart. Ace shows a painful face at the bad smell.
Thatch says, “Well, he is not a bad guy, though.”
Ace finds Kotatsu (wildcat) in Spade Pirates trembling with fear on the floor.
Ace asks, “What’s wrong, Kotatsu?‘l
Kotatsu keeps glaring at the direction where Teach left…

After talking with WB, Ace becomes the official guest in Whitebeard Pirates. Whitebeard tells Thatch to be responsible for Ace. Thatch is busy for kitchen, so Whitebeard tells Teach as well to take care of Ace since Teach is an old member and knows their rule well.
Ace complains that Thatch is spreading a rumor that Ace will join WB if he loses Whitebeard 100 times.
Thatch says, “If you lose to WB 100 times, you won’t win even if you fight 1000 times! Anyway, set fire to the
Ace makes a fire with his DF without saying any words.
Thatch says, “Great! If you join WB pirates, be sure to join 4th division. I’ll train you to be a great fire chef!”
Ace replies, “Say whatever you want!”
Thanks to sandman for the summary of Chapter 1-4

[Chapter 5th]
During the four emperors of the previous era, Roger, White beard and Big Mom Rule the new world. Thatch said that this person is more like a triad than a pirate. Thatch and Ace talked on an enemy ship, after the enemy was quickly knocked down. Ace thinks that Thatch ’s strength is indeed enough to be the captain of the 4th team. Thatch ’s weapon is about 1 meter in length and is shaped like a kitchen knife. However, in terms of swordsmanship, the fifth team’s Vista is much stronger than Thatch .
The pirates of the enemy ship ate the overlord meal on the site of the White beard. Thatch said that the beard’s territory does not allow drugs and slaves to exist. Teach appeared, holding the captain of the enemy pirate in his hand, and then threw him out like a bowling ball. According to Skar, the captain was Lakun, who was “sleeping” and is from the West Blue, and has a bounty of 75 million Berry.

Thatch decided to sell Lakoun to the Navy through a middleman who pretended to be a bounty hunter. Lakun fired a shot at Teacg, and Teach shouted, he was wounded and the wound was bleeding. Teach stepped on the captain mercilessly, and Ace thought he didn’t want to hear that voice anymore. Ace asked if Teach was okay, and Teach laughed and yelled at the same time. Ace thinks that Teach is really a weird guy.
In a bar, Ace asked the Thatch who from the White Beard Pirates had injured Shanks, but Thatch did not know that there was such a person in the White Beard Pirates. “Is this person not even a captain? If any captain has injured the Red hair, it must be a big news…!! Teach , Do you know anything?” Teach replied, “It’s me.”
Hearing This, Thatch and Ace are both shocked, but Teach quickly added a “joking.”

Until now, White Beard has never used the ability to shock the fruit in Ace. Thatch envied Ace’s flame ability. After all, he was a chef. Teach suggested that he kill Ace if he really wants to get the burning fruit. Thatch said that this is a rotten joke. If he really wants to get the devil’s fruit by killing him, he will not eat any fruit. Ace asked Teach what kind of devil fruit he most wanted. But before Teach replied, Thatch said, “I know you want to get that fruit, Teach.” Teach was surprised. “Why… why do you know?”
Thatch said, “it’s easy to guess, The legendary transparent fruit, right?”
Teach: “The thief hahaha! It was discovered by you!”
Thatch said. “I understand you, this is a man’s dream…!”

The little girls gathered at the table. Give them a flowers to thank them for defeating the pirates in the Whitebeard’s territory (La Kuhn), Ace had to accept, so that the girls would not hate him, because Thatch and Teach had already received the flowers, Ace wants to know if he has received flowers from others. He once thought that he would not receive flowers until he died.
Teach put the flowers on their own face and the girls were surprised to say nothing. Teach said: “The flowers are so delicious, give me yours too, Ace!” Ace gave him, Thatch asked the girls: “These people are really boring, right? Thank you for your flowers, you Can you marry me after 20 years…10 years?” The girls refused.
In the medical room, Thousand talked to the uninvited guest with  Whitebeard.  Whitebeard called him a “young doctor.” Whitebeard had a small burn left after fighting with Ace. Whitebeard smiled and said: Ace is getting stronger. Now, I want to know how many times we played back…” Deuse said “99 times so far. ”
WhiteBeard still doesn’t know the relationship between Ace and Roger. These days, Ace often thinks of the girls who give him flowers. Ace realizes that the name of the Four Emperors will only be given to those who have established their own territory. Ace, Whitebeard is no longer a destroyer…
-Chapter 5 translated by google, re-worded by noxdraz
This is half of the fifth, because this chapter is much longer than the other chapters.

—————- ——
Note: The name of the pirate ship of Ace’s Spades Pirates first appeared in the novel, called “Piece of Spadille” · Spadille, which is the Spades A in the playing cards.

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