One Piece Novel Law Part 1

One Piece Novel Law Vol. 1

-written by Sakagami Akinari “Shusei”
From One Piece Magazine Vol. 4

Short Summary
The story happened 13 years ago. Law arrived at”Pleasure Town” but he still can’t trust people because of what happened to his hometown Flevance. While on the brink of death, he remembered Corazon and his kindness thinking he can’t die yet. Then he feel a power inside him and a ‘dome’ was created. While inside it, he felt that he could see everything even the insides of his own body. He realised that it’s the power of the “Ope Ope no mi” The dome is his “Operating Room” Using it and his medical knowledge, he operate himself to remove the lead from his body. Operation success.

He then passed out and when he woke up, he saw an old man. He is Volff, a genius inventor and he saved Law when he saw him passed out inside the cave. Volff and Law live together for quite some time.

One day when Law was walking in the forest, he saw two boys beating a huge polar bear. Law didn’t like what he saw so he beat the two boys using the power of his fruit which he honed whenever Volff was not around. The polar bear give thanks to Law and ask if they can become friends. He then introduce himself, his name is Bepo from the Island of Zou, New World. Then they lived together with Volff.

After a month, there’s an incident happened where the two boys who’s bullying Bepo was attacked by a boar. They were heavily injured but Law, Bepo and Volff manage to save them.

A few days have passed, the two boys recovered on their injuries, they introduced themselves, One is named Penguin and one is Shachi. Their parents were already dead. They live on Shachi’s aunt and uncle and used them to steal jewelry and smuggle illegal items. They said that they were never treated like humans so the ran away.

Then the four of them, Law, Bepo, Penguin, and Shachi live together with Volff.

In the end, Law remember Corazon talking about “Freedom” He, Bepo, Penguin and Shachi experienced immense loneliness but they managed to overcome despair. He still don’t know what’s the meaning of Freedom but he feels comfortable living with his newly found family and he is eager to find the real meaning of “Freedom”

Full novel tranlated by @danklossmemes


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The Magazine also contains Ope Ope no mi skill card.

Skill list:
1. Room
2. Amputate
3. Shambles
4. Scan
5. Mes

  1. Takt
  2. Counter Shock
  3. Radio Knife
  4. Injection Shot
  5. Sterben
  6. Gamma Knife
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