‘One Piece’ Novel Law Part 2

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Special Thanks to /u/EtenBoby for the translation!!
Poofreaded and rephrased by /u/NoxDRaz
Raw text from TalkOP.
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In Volff’s home, Shachi, Bebo, and Penguin argues over the distribution of grilled meat, Law quietly eats an extra piece.
They’ve been living together for 2 months, Law feels like he’s never been so free in his entire life. When he was with Doflamingo, he was driven by his dark desire to destroy the world before his death, all the skills they taught him was only to use him as a “tool”, but Volff and the others are treating him as a “person”.
He still feels angry thinking about Doflamingo and wants revenge from time to time, but now that he has got friends, he realized they can help him forget the hatred and anger.

Lately, Volff always gets up early and returns late at night. The kids studied and trained to become stronger. Law borrowed Volf’s sword and used it to teach Shachi and Penguin.
One day after dinner, Volf states that it’s time for the kids to pay him back for letting them live here, they need to work for him in Pleasure Town. The kids who have “social phobia” are worried that they will be discriminated against by the townspeople. Law felt that it’s his responsibility as their leader to encourage them.
They went in town the next day, but their surprise they were welcomed warmly. Volff tells them that this town was destroyed by a crew of nameless pirates 20 years ago, since then they made a rule of “Make everyone happy and be gentle to everyone”. Volff takes them to a man in red clothing with a sword, who lets them work in the town. Law helps out at a clinic, Penguin works as a waiter in a restaurant, Shachi in a salon (he dreamed of becoming a beautician) and Bebo works at a construction site.

But then, Volff said that there’s one more place that they had to go and then he brought them to a luxurious mansion. Shachi and Penguin were extremely nervous, this was the mansion of their Uncle. Their Uncle wears a golden suit and lots of expensive jewelry. Just by listening to his tone, Law understood that their Uncle was treating them as “tools” as well.
The Uncle wants the two kids back, he said that in order to take back his “useful tools” he’s willing to pay 500 thousands to 1 million berries.
By seeing the way how the Uncle treated Shachi and Penguin, Law recalled his own experiences with Doffy. His anger broke out and he shouted at the Uncle that they’re are not his tools but Law’s important underlings. He was about to punch the Uncle, but Volff did it first. Volff states that the kids are neither tools nor trash, but his important roommates, he cannot stand the way the Uncle humiliates them.
Volff reports Uncle’s crime to the police, he had been collecting proofs during all those days that he left early and returned late. The Aunt and Uncle were arrested right then and there.

Aside from navigation, Bebo also starts to learn about martial arts. Law is very happy working in the clinic, he learned a lot and enjoyed helping others.
One day, the clinic doctor tells Law that he’ll be an excellent doctor in the future. Law begins to consider what exactly is an “excellent doctor”? Supreme skills? Has an abundant amount of knowledge in medicine? Or to earn a lot of money? None of these answers seemed off but nor were they on point. He then decided that it would be something to think about in his life ahead.That night Penguin brought up the rumor of the treasure on Flying Swallow Island.
About 60 years ago, a famous pirate crew came here and they all died of diseases, leaving behind their treasure. Also, according to legend, the name of the island came from the believe that there’s “ a gaint swallow that flys out of the sea”, there were fishermen who witnessed this event and they could hear the sound of the swallow at the bottom of the sea.

Then, one day, as the boys were returning on bicycles, they saw smoke coming from the farm and a crashed airplane. Volff was heavily injured and covered in blood due to his failed flight test. Law immediately ordered other kids to help him with the surgery.
To save Volff, Law decides to use ‘Room’ in front of him, he decides to help him as a doctor. He prays that if God does exist, he will be on his side. He fainted after the surgery due to his lack of stamina. The kids stayed up the whole night to guard Volff.
As soon as Volff wakes up, he asks Law if he’s the user of the Ope-Ope fruit. He traveled the world when he was young and had done research on documents on Devil Fruits. He told Law that his fruit has the power to grant immortality at the cost of the user’s life. He warns Law that he mustn’t tell anyone about his fruit.
Law finally realized what Doffy wants him to do. Law thinks that it’s his fault that Corazon has died, because he ate this fruit.
Volff trys to comfort him by telling him that according to the documents it’s a fantastic ability that had saved countless lives, even those that normal doctors couldn’t. He believes that Law will use this ability in a good way.
Law promised him that he wouldn’t care about immortality and will become the best doctor using his ability.
Volff asks Law if he wants anything, he said that he owes Law his life and based on the rule of “give and take” he’s willing to be Law’s slave for the rest of his life. Law is mad because Volff humiliates their tears like this, all of them are happy with Volff being alive. Seeing this, Volff decides to pay them back in another way.

Volff: I will be your friend! Be honored to befriend a genius inventor like myself! They laughed and throwed a party to celebrate.
Then… 3 years passed.

Next Part: New enemy that targets the Treasure on Flying Swallow Island appears?!
The past of Volff and Pleasure Town are revealed, but Law meets his nightmares?

Special Thanks to /u/EtenBoby for the translation!!
Poofreaded and rephrased by /u/NoxDRaz. Raw text from TalkOP.

Presented by NoxDRaz

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