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Page 24:

Oda: Ah, the radio show is starting!

D: Coming from ….. its a request from Oda Eiichiro-kun! The song is SBS IS ST-ST-STARTING!! (theres something else here but I don’t get it)

Oda: It started from the radio!!!?

D: It might be too quick to ask, but why have you been using the sound effects [Beben] and [Ben] in Wano so far? P.N. Bebebe-n

O: Yes you’re right. Up until now, it was always [Don] or [Dodon]. I have been using [Ben!] because its the sound that an instrument called a Biwa (Japanese lute) makes. However, I’ve been drawing a Shamisen being played instead. So when we get to this scene in the anime, I’m hoping they can put on a good production with the sound mixing team. I’m counting on you Toei Animation!!

D: I have a question, Odacchi. The women you draw almost always have a large bust. When they’re in Wano, they all wear kimonos and I’ve noticed that their busts get hidden away. I’m curious. Is it really okay even if Japanese women don’t have big busts??? P.N. Chii-chan

O: Yes, this topic. Before, when I didn’t know much about kimonos, I drew chests with their normal emphasis. However, I received a lot of letters from fans who were kimono pros telling me women with large busts would purposefully find ways to hide them to emphasize the beauty of their silhouette as well as teaching me tips on how they do this. Well in the end, the way anybody wears their clothes is up to them but I was convinced that the beauty of kimono lies in the silhouette (body line) so that’s what I’ve been emphasizing in my drawing! If they took them off, it would be incredible!!

Page 42:

D: Odacchi-dono! I have a question-degozaru!! The building the appeared in Wano, it has everything from roundness, distortion, to a feeling of commitment-degozaru but is that thing above the Sumo Ring a hanging roof? Is that roof floating!?? P.N. Director’s Nurse

O: Ah yes. It is floating. No, actually, it is flying. It’s a kite. In order to show the performance inside the ring, the roof usually hangs from the ceiling. Since Sumo is performed outside in Bakura Town, the roof flies up instead. It looks heavy but it’s actually very light. To explain that it was a kite would have taken too much time in the story so if you want, you can think of it as a balloon instead!

Note: This makes much more sense if you look up a photo of a sumo ring

D: Odacchi!! I noticed something. In Volume 91, Ch. 916, Pg. 116 when Luffy defeated “Yokozuna” Urashima there was a flag that read [猛岩斧関] (Fierce Boulder Axe Gate (?)). Back in Volume 1, Ch.4, there was a character named “Axe-hand Morgan” right!? Could it be that Morgan was actually originally from Wano?? I’m right aren’t I?? – from Riku-kun

O: Well spotted! Indeed it is related to Morgan. “Indeed”!? This was actually a joke by the background artists of this scene. It was a situation of “Our staff” VS “Readers” (LOL). In Wano, because all the store signs and embellishments are in Japanese, I needed to come up with words to fill them all. It was really hard to come up with what words to tell my artists to write in for each one so I asked them to just hide words related to [ONE PIECE] around the background. In that same panel, you can see [Kanji too hard] written as well. So what do you think these are related to? (LOL). There are probably more words hidden in other panels as well!!

Page 58:
This ‘Find the difference’ Panel was released sometime before, one of the readers found one of the differences. Here Oda answered all the differences. There are in total 9 differences.
O: I received a difference from P.N.ゆ! Thank you very much! ! The answer is below, so be sure to find it again!
1. There are two bars on Akainu’s hat in the first Panel.
2. The length of Fujitora’s Epaulette in the first Panel is longer.
3. Fujitora’s scarf in the first panel is rolled differently.
4. Garp’s socks in Panel 2 are half taken off.
5. Hina’s hair bun is in different direction in the first and second Panel.
6. Sengoku has some hair decorating items on his head in the second panel.
7. The length of Sengoku’s beard tail is shorter in the second panel.
8. Rice Crackers besides Sengoku’s feet is missing in the first panel.
9. Smoker’s Coat has different colour Cuffs in the two images.
[-Translated by NoxDRaz]

Page 76:

D: Hello Oda-sensei!! It’s my first time contributing to SBS!! Zoro is in possession of the three swords Wado Ichimonji, Sandai Kitetsu, and Shusui. If the strikeout (?) power of these three took the form of people, what would they look like? (In other words, can you do a personification of them!!)

O: Got it.

  • Left: Wado Ichimonji

  • Middle: Sandai Kitetsu

  • Right: Shusui

Its done. The personification was a success.

Page 94:

D: Back on Zou, when Momonosuke mentioned that he met Roger, I thought that for some reason or another, this was an adult that became a child and was using his position as a child to get spoiled by Nami-san and Robin-chan. Now that we know that Momonosuke is someone who leapt through time and whose actual age is still 8 years old, doesn’t that mean he is just a normal Perverted Kid!? P.N. Taku Miso

O: Think about it. Remember what it was like when you were an 8 year old boy. That’s right, you were a pervert. All young boys are perverted!!

D: I have a wholesome question! I figured out why men want to become Nami’s slave. It’s because she has two huge “Kibi Dangos” right? P.N. Sanada-chi

O: Go home Sanada

D: In Ch. 909, was the carpenter boss that appeared in Wano the same one that was introduced in the Volume 7 SBS, [Minatoma-san]? P.N. Yacchi

O: Yes he is!! Back then, he was fixing the broken door to the bar in Foosha village. He was introduced as [Carpenter Minatoma]-san, exclaiming “Who did this!?”. And now, he somehow ended up in the New World in the closed bordered country of Wano! Isn’t that weird!? That’s right, they actually aren’t the same person! They have the same last name because they’re related by blood. The fact of the matter is, a ship from Wano reached East Blue a few decades ago.

One of the descendants of someone on that ship is a person that everybody is familiar with…

This part might be featured later in the main story so I won’t mention any more than that. It isn’t going to be a major plot line, it will just be a minor story.


Page 146:

D: Oda-sensei!! Please tell us the favourite and least favourite foods of the seven commanders of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet!! P.N. Rabbit Princess

O: Coming right up.

  • Cavendish – Favourite: Roses; Hated: Ramen

  • Bartolomeo – Favourite: Cheap sweets; Hated: Vegetables

  • Don Sai – Favourite: Bento from his beloved; Hated: Crab

  • Ideo – Favourite: Doner Kebab; Hated: Pork

  • Leo – Favourite: Pumpkin; Hated: All spicy foods

  • Harjudin – Favourite: Meatballs; Hated: Semla

  • Orlumbus – Favourite: Boiled eggs; Hated: Fanciful cooking.

D: Now that Shiryu has obtained the Suke Suke (Invsibility) powers, will he also try and peep in women’s baths? P.N. Apu

O: He is still a man. So of course he will!!

Page 164:

D: Odacchi, I have a request! I know other readers must have said “I want to see what Nami and Robin look like in the future” but DEFFFFFFFFINITELY do not draw them please! PLEASE!!! P.N. 420 Rando

O: Eh…You’re not convincing anyone there huh….

  • Age 40: Come back again once you become an adult <3

  • Age 60: Me? I passed 40 a long time ago <3 Fufufu

A future where “something” happens

  • Age 40: Hand over the money I tell you!!!

  • Age 60: Won’t you buy my magic pot?

Yes, I finished drawing Nami! Robin will have to wait for the next request to come in.

D: Oda-sensei, I have a question!! Since coming to Wano, Sanji’s goatee has been missing the line that leads up to his mouth. I was thinking, could this be his way of expressing his separation from his father Judge? P.N. Yuubara

O: Ah! You’re right! I completely forgot about it! No, he just shaved it off! That damn Sanji! I’ll definitely draw it in this time! No, I’m pretty sure Sanji is going to return to his old look! Ah! Time’s up!! SBS will return in the next volume!

Another Question

D: “It has nothing to do with me” (Kogarashi Monjiro’s catchphrase). Oda-sensei is so young I was wondering if you’ve heard of “Kogarashi Monjirou”. Man, after seeing Luffy chewing on that long toothpick I just had to ask. Sorry…. P.N. Heromichi “Captain” Kikku (Age 57)

O: A question from a 57 year old fan! Yes I do know of it! [Kogarashi Monjirou] was an old film based on an original novel where the main character was always chewing on a toothpick! He even used it as a blowgun at some point and it was super cool. Since it can be dangerous, please don’t try this at home! Speaking of older media, the character [Dozing Kyoushiro] (one of the Kanji is replaced with death) is also based on a novel called [Sleeping Kyoushiro].

Translated by /u/calmdownrelax

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