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ONE PIECE Vol. 94: Information + SBS


Inside Cover

D: Oda, I want to help others, so I want to work in the bathhouse. However, I have only two arms, so the help is limited to women only.
– PN: Sanada pro
Oda: Come here, metamorphosis!! Oh, what the hell is this? If you let me come, I can only foresee the future of your arrest!! However, to talk about the history of “three aids”, this may turn into a long story, and those who are interested can investigate it by themselves. However, in the Edo period, it was true that male handymen were engaged in washing the body for guests in the mixed bathhouse. A metamorphosis like Sanada can’t do it! give up!
D: Sanada said: I want to see more mixed bath scenes. PN: Matches and Samurai
O: Sanada, you bastard!!

D: Oda-sensei, OTsuru-san from Wano and Otsuru, the Marine Vice Admirals have the same name. And they also look similar. Do they have some kind of connection?

 Older Usopp(Good Future) :

  • Age 40: The pirate flag is calling out to me!!

  • Age 60: Yeah, I’m starting to miss her!!

Future where something goes wrong:

  • Age 40: Luffy’s my disciple.

  • Age 60: Zoro? Yeah… he’s my disciple.

Q: Odacchi! I noticed something! Hyogoro-san also has flame-like hair like how the “Komainu” and “Koma-deer” does… Does that mean he’s a “Koma-human”, right!!!

Oda: Ah! Is that so…! Okay, he’s a Koma-human then.

Q: How would Shanks’ sword look like if it were a human.
O: [Refer to Image above]

D: In chapter 931 “SobaMask”, Usopp and Franky clamored to “give us the naming rights”, I am very curious, what kind of name would you give if you really let them name it? And… If you can tell me the names of other members, it would be great.
O: Luffy : Black! Mask ! Mane
Zoro : Idiot
Nami : Cape
Usopp : Thunder Sky Kaiser
Robin : Evil mask
Chopper : Go Sanji
Franky : Black Rolling Destroyer

D: When the Reiju sucked out the poison from Luffy, straw hats members put out their tongues and said “thank you for hospitality.” The action was so cute, I tried to imitate it, but it would be said to be “more hospitality” or “more hospitality.” How can I say “thank you for hospitality”? P.N. Hualin Sugar
O: Well, in fact, I just omitted the scene of licking my lips in “Thank you for hospitality” → “舔 lips”, but Hualin Sugar Sauce try to say “more diè hospitality”, I hope you continue to work hard! I will definitely be able to say it one day! Just stick out your tongue and say “thank you for the hospitality!”!

2 Questions are from 420Land ([email protected])

Q: Chapter 943… it’s so touching!!! (ben!!)
Izo?! The commander of the 16th division of Whitebeard Pirates, Izo was one of the Nine Scabbards? Ahhh…Was Kouzuki Oden the commander of the 16th division?!

Oda: Oh… You guys noticed another small detail. Young Kin’emon and the others in the flashback scene. If you count there’re exactly 9 people, huh? You guys thought it was Okiku… it’s someone with a little different aura… By the way, “Izo” is one of the commanders that appeared in the Summit War arc. It’s true that they look similar since Izo also wore a kimono. And in vol 82 chapter 820, it did say that some people from “Wano Country” got on Whitebeard’s ship~.
One day the answer to this question will be revealed, so just continue reading.
You’ll notice it, right~!

D: Oda sensei, I have an important report, Sanji kicked Big Mom! Sanji who didn’t kick a woman, ever?
O: Ok. I have received several such reports, but this is not the case! Big Mom rushed to Reiju, Luffy and Sanji blocked it, This is such a scene. However, just blocking the fist of Big Mom will stop her!? impossible!! So in order to offset the power of her fist, I used the kick technique to block it!! So this is defense, not violence against women! ! The principle of Sanji has not been destroyed!!

Images source: @TalkOP

Usopp at Age 40 and 60, draw by Oda himself!


USOPP Gallery Pirates!

Full Translation will be added later after I finish this week’s exam…


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