One Piece Volume 91 Cover is released and it already boasts Wano!!

One Piece Volume 91 Cover is released and it already boasts Wano!!

It will be releasing on 4th December 2018!! The Cover is quite beautiful. The title of the Volume is “The Adventures of the Country of Samurai." 
The Volume consists of 11 Chapters from Chapter 911 A Great Adventure in the Land of the Samurai " to Chapter 921 “Shutenmaru", a total of 11 Chapters spans over 224 pages.

The Cover of the Volume is release today and it already gives readers an inside view of Wano.

Volume 91 Front Cover

Most of my visitors are up to date with manga so it would be fair to talk about it.

The outfit shown in the cover is official outfit for Wano Arc and we saw all of them in their respective Kimonos. Also the cover confirmed the colours of the outifit too. We already knew about Luffy and Zoro’s Kimono’s colour from the VIVRE CARD but now we know how all of them look  in the Kimonos. I still wish we could get a separate image of Nami everyone in Kimono’s that would be cool.

Also along with the rest of the crew an additional cute character is shown on the cover. Tama is looking very beautiful in that kimono, and the colour is nice too. If you didn’t notice this is a big hint from Oda that Tama is one of the most important characters in the Arc. At least she is the reason for everything that has happened in this Volume from Chapter 911-921. She is also the main driving force of Luffy in the arc. But don’t start making theories and stuff She isn’t going to be the 10th member of the crew.

Full Cover image

What’s shocking is that This Cover boasts the whole crew of Strawhat Pirates (except Jinbei ofcourse ,who is hidden by Oda for obvious reasons) following the 64-volume of the fisherman island in 2011. Since then no Cover of Volumes featured the whole Crew together.

Alas they came back on the cover of the Volume 91 after 7 years!!! ( The Strawhats have not gathered together since 2013 after the Dressrosa Arc!! A memorable Cover!! Long lost!! Everyone Finally together!!

Cover of Volume 64


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