Poneglyphs are massive block shaped steles made of an indestructible type of stone. They have text written in an ancient language carved on them. There are a total of three types of Poneglyphs scattered across the world; Historical, Instructional and Road Poneglyphs:

Japanese Name: 歴史の本文(ポーネグリフ)
Romanized Name: Pōnegurifu
Official English Name: Poneglyph (Funimation dub);
Ponegliff (Viz, Funimation subs);
Ponecliff (4Kids)
First Appearance: Chapter 202; Episode 102
Meaning: Text of History
Locations: Worldwide
Created by: Kozuki Family

  • Historical Poneglyphs" reveal pieces of ancient history as well as messages written by ancient people.
  • Instructional Poneglyphs" contain instructions and/or clues about the locations of Historical Poneglyphs.
  • Road Poneglyphs" (ロード歴史の本文(ポーネグリフ)Rōdo Pōnegurifu, literally meaning “Road Text of History“)detail a location. The combined locations detailed by all four Road Poneglyphs, allows one to locate Raftel.

Both Historical and Instructional Poneglyphs are dark blue in color, while the Road Poneglyphs are deep red in color.

The three types of Poneglyphs, with the Road Poneglyphs and Poneglyphs making up the Rio Poneglyph circled.

According to Tamago, there are thirty Poneglyphs in the world. The blocks are impervious to damage, even from explosions.

Each Historical Poneglyph tells a piece of history long forgotten. This history includes mentions of three weapons of mass destruction: Pluton, Poseidon and Uranus. In the eyes of the World Government, they are dangerous artifacts; however, despite the World Government declaring the Poneglyphs dangerous because of the weapons, the reality is that the ideals of the fallen Kingdom written on some of the stones are far more dangerous than any of the weapons. The Road Poneglyphs are sought by several organizations interested in the treasure located on Raftel: two of the YonkoCharlotte Linlin and Kaido, have each claimed possession of a Road Poneglyph.

Keep thy motives in heart, with closed mouth. We are those who will weave history with the ringing of the great belfry. ”
— Words inscribed on the Shandora ruins

The stones are left in the care of the descendants of ancient civilizations, as seen in both Alabasta and Shandora. The Shandorian Poneglyph was a fiercely guarded treasure of the Shandia people, and they felt a deep visceral connection to it – particularly the bell built around it– that was passed down to the present era, where the descendants of those who fought and died to protect it still put their lives on the line to reclaim it, along with their homeland, even though they had forgotten about the existence of the Poneglyph itself. They still cherish what it represents a great deal, and the shaman of their people openly wept upon hearing they had fulfilled the wishes of their ancestors by passing its information on to Nico Robin, thus relieving them of their centuries-long duty.

Unlike its Shandorian counterpart that was guarded by its people to protect the information it contained, it is clear that the hidden nature of the Alabasta Poneglyph was to conceal its existence from the people and not protect it, as Alabasta is an affiliate of the World Government, united against the creators of the Poneglyph. This is inferred by Robin in her conversation with the King of Alabasta, Nefeltari Cobra, when she scoffs at and rebukes his statement about a hereditary charge of the monarchy to “protect" the stone, though he was truthfully unaware of the deeper reasons or motives of its concealment decided long before his time.

Gol D. Roger managed to follow the passage of the Poneglyphs because he could hear “the voice of all things“, and thus uncovered the truth of the Void Century with his crew; however, Silvers Rayleigh notes that they may have interpreted what they learned incorrectly because they did not possess the intellect of Clover or the other scholars of Ohara.

The Kozuki Family passed down the knowledge of how to read Poneglyphs including the skill to write its ancient language within their family up to Kozuki Oden‘s generation. Also a member of Roger’s crew, Oden journeyed to Raftel with him and, like Roger, could decipher the Rio Poneglyph. Oden was killed by Kaido and the Shogun of Wano Country after he refused to tell Kaido a secret he knew (presumably either the location of Raftel, One Piece, knowledge of what was written on the Rio Poneglyph, or how to read Poneglyphs), preventing Oden from passing on the literacy of the Poneglyphs to his son, Kozuki Momonosuke, and leaving Robin as the only known individual who can decipher the ancient text.

Due to its ties with the Kozuki Family, the Mokomo Dukedom is somewhat knowledgeable about Poneglyphs despite being unable to read them, as they are aware of the existence of the Road Poneglyphs and Nekomamushi reveals that it is possible to print a Poneglyph’s text onto paper in a similar manner to woodblock printing, simultaneously proving that it is possible to copy the text written on a Poneglyph and record it on a rubbing of a different material that lacks a Poneglyph’s indestructibility.

The Rio Poneglyph (真の歴史の本文(リオ・ポーネグリフ) Rio Pōnegurifu, literally meaning “True Text of History") is, according to Robin, the message carried by all the Poneglyphs along the Grand Line. It is rumored to contains the true history of the world (including the “Void Century" of which research is forbidden). In order to find it, one must take all other passages from the other Poneglyphs with them on their travels. Gol D. Roger seemed to have accomplished this task, according to Rayleigh. According to Tamago, the Rio Poneglyph is in fact composed of only nine Poneglyphs.

Location Contents Image
Historical Poneglyphs

Located in the basement of the Tree of Knowledgethis Poneglyph includes information about the Void Century, including the name of the Great Kingdom.


The Tomb of the Kings within
Alubarna, Alabasta

This Poneglyph details the location of PlutonAccording to Nefertari Cobrahis family has protected the stone for centuries, though Robin implies that they were actually hiding it from the people and the World Government.


Nico Robin initially believed that this Poneglyph held vital information to understanding the Void Century; however, upon finding it, she noted that it was different than the other Poneglyphs she had found, reading more like an apology letter than a historical text. The message was written by a man from the surface known as “Joy Boy“. In the message, he apologizes to the people of Fishman Island for breaking his part of a promise, which involved returning to Fishman Island to carry out Noah‘s purpose.


Located at the base of the Golden Belfry, this Poneglyph details the location of another ancient weapon, Poseidon. It was protected by the Shandia for centuries until Robin deciphered it.


The ruins of Shandora

Ancient text identical to that of the Poneglyphs is inscribed on a wall within a set of ruins in Upper Yard; upon reading it, Robin discovers that it relays cryptic instructions regarding the Golden Belfry. However, Robin did not refer to the wall as a poneglyph, so it is unknown if it is considered one.


The Whale Tree, Zou

Hidden within the Whale Tree, this Road Poneglyph contains information that, when combined with the information on the other three Road Poneglyphs, will reveal the location of Raftel.


The Room of Treasure, Totto Land

This Road Poneglyph is currently within the possession of Charlotte Linlin and her crew. Due to the Sanji Retrieval Team’s invasion of Totto Land, it is now heavily guarded within the Room of Treasure. A copy of it is currently in the Straw Hat Pirates’ possession.


Kaidou’s Base

This Road Poneglyph is currently within the possession of Kaido and his crew.


This Road Poneglyph is currently considered lost.

Coastal Ruins , with Jinbe 
The Room of Treasure, Totto Land

This poneglyph was found by locals who showed it to Jinbe after Wadatsumi threw some underwater ruins onto dry land. As Jinbe and Wadatsumi left, they took the poneglyph with them. This poneglyph was later delivered to Charlotte Linlin, which she had placed in her Room of Offerings after the Sanji Retrieval Team invaded Totto Land. A copy of it is currently in the Straw Hat Pirates’ possession.


The Room of Treasure, Totto Land

Big Mom has acquired a poneglyph through unknown means, and it has been placed under heavy guard alongside her two other poneglyphs in her Room of Treasure following the Sanji Retrieval Team’s invasion of Totto Land. A copy of it is currently in the Straw Hat Pirates’ possession.



While she was on the run as a pre-teen, Robin found a poneglyph in a wooded area. Its precise location was not revealed, the poneglyph was not named, and its contents are unknown.


[kc_custom_heading text="Descriptional Poneglyphs" font_container="tag:h4|text_align:center" css=".vc_custom_1530032248946{border-radius: 2px !important;}"][kc_custom_heading text="Road Poneglyphs" font_container="tag:h4|text_align:center" css=".vc_custom_1530032355087{border-radius: 2px !important;}"][kc_custom_heading text="Unidentified Poneglyphs" font_container="tag:h4|text_align:center" css=".vc_custom_1530032682423{border-radius: 2px !important;}"]

The Kozuki Family carves text into the Poneglyphs

800 years ago, in the Wano Country, a clan of master stonemasons known as the Kozuki Family invented indestructible stone blocks for the purpose of recording important history on them while preventing it from being destroyed. Those stone blocks would become the Poneglyphs.

The stones were written to preserve the events of the Void Century. After the Void Century ended, the stones were left in the guardianship of the descendants of ancient civilizations, who guarded them from people seeking to destroy or claim them. The World Government, in an attempt to cover up the events of the Void Century, made researching and deciphering Poneglyphs a crime punishable by death. However, this did not stop others from gaining possession of Poneglyph knowledge, transferring the cryptic language on the Poneglyphs to paper in hopes of finding someone who can read it, or keeping the stones themselves in their own possession in order to gain superiority over those looking for them.

Gol D. Roger’s Attempt

" I have come here and will lead this passage to the farthest ends of the world. " — Gol D. Roger

Roger managed to successfully follow the path of the Poneglyphs and decipher their meanings, leaving at least one message along the way to encourage others to follow his path. However, his crew chose not to awaken any of the ancient weapons detailed in the Poneglyphs.

Roger’s message in the ancient language.

Roger also had a member of the Kozuki Family, the inventors of the poneglyph, within his crew: the Wano Country daimyo Kozuki Oden, who also witnessed the secrets held in Raftel.
At some point in time, Roger encountered Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph and was able to interpret the characters in order to reach Raftel


  • Poneglyphs seemed to be heavily based on the real life Egyptian hieroglyphs, as they both have “-glyph" at the end of them and they both have ancient text written on them.
  • The first time Poneglyphs appear in the series is in Alabasta, which is a giant desert nation, which could be a reference about Egypt, a real life ancient desert nation where the hieroglyphs originate.

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