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Queen’s Bounty and Kawamatsu-The Prisoner!

Chapter 935 revealed Queen’s Bounty!
The Beasts Pirates’ All-Star Queen – The Plague has a Bounty of whooping 1.32 Billion Berries.
I have to say, the Bounty is well within my expectations. After finding out Jack’s Bounty of 1 Billion and Katakuri’s 1.052 Billion Berries, I had a hunch that King and Queen’s Bounty would be in the range of 1.3-1.8 Billion Berries. And now Queen’s bounty has been revealed to be 1.32 Billion Berries.
Based on this I can say that King would have a Bounty of about 1.5 Billion Berries. I mean King looks stronger than Queen and his overall personality is also stronger so he has to have a higher Bounty than Queen.

Anyway Let’s talk about Queen!

Queen can be seen holding a photograph of Komurasaki, seems like he’s a fanboy of her’s as well. Queen adds a ~tan after Komurasaki’s name. ~’tan’ is a cuter version of ‘chan’, which is usually used to refer to some girl you really like.

Queen carries two large Sabre with him. I wonder if he is a two sword style user just like Flower Sword Vista.
His mechanical arm can also be seen clearly now. When we first saw it, there was a doubt that it maybe Kid’s arm which Queen took while torturing him. But it belongs to Queen after all. It looks like Queen has knack for mechanical stuff. His arm, his crazy cart/motorbike etc hints at that.

By the way does Queen reminds you of someone?

Queen’s character resembles Obelix from the French comic series Asterix. Oda might have taken his inspiration from Obelix.

Another surprising thing about Queen is his troll face or funny face (eyes and tongue popping-out face). I never thought that Oda would give such a funny touch to Queen’s character.
Since King has a brood personality, Queen having a troll side is actually funny, I like Queen’s character.

Some noticeable things about Queen are:

  • Queen has a big scar on the right side of his chest which goes all the way to his shoulders.
  • He also wears small shades that covers his eyes completely. It is connected by the X-Shape straps which goes all around his head.
  • The suspenders of his clothing are connected with a ‘8’ shape thing. I wonder if it has some kind of significance or not, just pointing it out.
  • He also puts on a lipstick and has a Fu Manchu moustache. A Fu Manchu mustache is a Chinese mustache. It is a full, straight moustache that originates on the corners of the mouth and grows downward past the clean-shaven lips and chin in two tapered “tendrils”, often extending past the jawline. Kaidou also has a Fu Manchu mustache.

Queen seems a really funny character but don’t take him lightly, he is one of the Calamities of Beasts Pirates and is worth 1.32 Billion Berries. A person with that kind of amount on his head is no joke.

Now about the Mysterious Prisoner we saw few chapters back.

It’s Kawamatsu, one of the Nine Red Scabbards and Oden’s retainers.
Seems like my hunch was right, he is one of the retainers of Oden. But I didn’t particularly think that it was Kawamatsu.
Kudos to @scopper_gapan for theorizing that the prisoner is Kawamatsu. He got it right!

After noticing Raizou, Kawamatsu tells him that Raizou still looks exactly the same. It’s because Raizou traveled 20 years in the future when Lady Toki sent Momonosuke and the 4 other retainers ( Kin’emon, Raizou, Kanjuro and Kiku) to the future.

But the straw hat guy who I am assuming is Kawamatsu stayed behind and aged like a normal human. Kawamatsu might have protected Hiyori and got captured by Kaidou’s men.

Oda sure has hyped Kawamatsu, he must be crazy strong.
But I wonder how strong is he after all these years. I mean even Hyougoro became this weak after 20 years. so I won’t be surprised if Kawamatsu is also weaker than before.

Now the Question is How will Raizou get Kawamatsu out of there? He only has the key to Luffy’s handcuffs. So he may have to look for another key or maybe use some other technique.

Also not to forget Big Mom might reach there any time now so What if Big Mom comes and destroys the Prisoner Mine and set all of the prisoners free?? It will be one hell of a rebellion.
Then the prisoners will join the Strawhats-Samurai-Mink-Ninja Alliance. 
This scenario would be so freaking crazy. I can’t wait for the next Chapter.

Anyway let’s see what happens in the next Chapter. See you around!!


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