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Shanks: Elbaf Theory!

Shanks: Elbaf Theory!

Shanks, commonly known as Red-Haired Shanks. He is a Yonkou, One of the four Emperors of the New World. He is powerful as fuck and even the likes of Sengoku respects him. So he is really important to the story of One Piece we know that. But What roles do you think he is gonna play in future of One Piece. I have a theory so hear me out.

The protector of the island of Elbaf is currently the Yonko Shanks.

I – New World Territories Functioning

Elbaf is the island of the Giants species in the New World.

The islands of the NW we saw till now are :
– Fishmen Island, under the protection of Big Mom (previously White Beard).
– Punk Hazard, under the protection of Caesar Clown, linked with 2 Yonkos and with Doflamingo (previously it was owned by the WG).
– Dressrosa, under the protection of Doflamingo, now under Luffy’s.
– Zou, independant island related to Wano but led by Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, former pirates of WB and Roger.
– Totto Land, under the protection of Big Mom.
– Wano, controlled by Shogun and Kaido who took it by force.

In the New World, most of the territories are owned by the Yonkos.
Elbaf is foreshadowed since a long time, and the Straw Hats will go there for sure.
But it’s hard to tell how this island works, as It has a Prince named Loki so there must a Royal Family.But we also see Giants among Marines…So is it affiliated to WG??? Here’s what I believe Elbaf is a secluded Island isolated from the World just like Wano. In my other theory, I told you about the possible connection between Giants and Kozuki Clan and The people of Raftel. So its easy to assume Giants are somehow connected to Raftel and as Shanks has Knowledge of Raftel he became friends with the Giants and is now Protecting Elbaf. I also said in the previous theory that The 4th Rio Poneglyph is in Elbaf and is under the protection of Giants.

So based on these facts I can say that Shanks is in Elbaf and protecting it for the time being as Elbaf has definitely some connection with Raftel.

II – Viking’s Thematic

For every linked theory or topic to this main subject, I let you see to the bottom.

So, basically it’s pretty obvious that the Giants of One Piece are inspired by the Norse barbaric explorers : the Vikings and their mythology.

Gungnir, The attack Hajrudin used in Dressrosa refers to the spear of the god Odin, chief of the Norse Pantheon.

The epithet of Shanks is “Red Haired Shanks”.
First, his inspiration comes from “Calico” Rackam Jack, famous pirate which the flag inspired Shanks flag for the Red-Haired Pirates.

Calico Jack

But also, Shanks is inspired after a Norwegian Viking Eric the Red, the fierce red-haired Viking who discovered Greenland about AD 982.

The “classic” ship of the Viking is called a Drekar. The bow with a shape of dragon.
It’s basically what Shanks possess : the Red Force.

Lastly about this, I’ve found from some french theory I will link at the end this connection :
Shanks is also inspired after the god Týr, associated with law and heroïc glory in Norse Mythology.

Tyr is a one-arm character who sacrificied his arm to the monstruous Wolf Fenrir.

III – Similar view with the Giants

Shanks showed since the very beginning the “spirit” of One Piece, about freedom, adventure, pirate’s life and honor values. Shanks is someone who respects what he says and had honor values. He’s brave and respectful. He likes to fight, act, travel, make parties and enjoy time.
He is a proper “good” pirate. Something what the giants do share. Sometimes, the Elbaf’s giants were depicted as “barbaric” but this was the point of view of Jaguar D. Saul, from the Navy who understood the real barbary because of the World Government decision.

But, from Usopp perspective and Elbaf’s giants themselves, they look like good people. Shanks is a man who trusts in dreams, avdentures and will. He’s the symbol of the conquest and the wish.
The Giants feel the same way about life.

IV – Usopp and Yasopp’s connection to the Giants.

Yasopp is one of the top fighters of Shanks, he’s a trusted man in the Shank’s crew and took the choice in his life to go to adventure and flee from his life with his wife and his son.

I believe the Usopp’s fascination for the Giants and the aventure’s desire comes from his father. I believe Usopp will meet his father in “his” arc : Elbaf’s arc.
As Sanji is meeting his Father Jajji in the WCI arc which his the “Sanji’s arc”. I think it will be the same for our sniper.

V – 4 Yonko Saga Order

We are currently in the “4 Yonko Saga” since the WCI arc started. That means it’s really likely to have an arc for each Yonko.

We are right now with Big Mom.
Next one is obviously Kaido in Wano.
This leaves Blackbeard and Shanks, and Blackbeard will be the last pirate boss for Luffy, after BB probably kills Shanks.

And we know, Elbaf will appear for sure. So, Shanks crew in Elbaf could be the best shot! Quite logical and likely.

Conclusion :
Shanks is the protector of Elbaf and we’ll see him and his crew meeting Luffy’s crew during Elbaf’s arc.

For more reference and Facts, Check out the JoyBoy theory and Zunisha theory.


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