The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet is the seventeenth Cover Story created as a side story on the title pages of each One Piece chapter. The story is set after the Dressrosa Arc.

Cover Story Arcs
The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet
Japanese Name: 押し掛け麦わら大船団物語
Romanized Name: Oshikake Mugiwara Dai-sendan Monogatari
Viz Title: The Saga of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Fleet
Volumes: 86-
Manga Chapters: 864–, installments
Year(s) Released: 2017-2018
Cover Arc Chronology
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From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc N/A

Chapter Titles

Cavendish Arc

  • The Beautiful Pirates sailing the sea beautifully. (Chapter 864)
  • “I think you already know but in the past I…”. (Chapter 865)
  • The incident of young women refusing to get married because of Prince Cavendish’s overwhelming popularity in the Bourgeois Kingdom. (Chapter 866)
  • Cavendish, who ran out of his own country for the crime of being too popular, has just 74 underlings and just Beli500,000,000 in tow and feels like he’s really in trouble. (Chapter 867)
  • “…So, as I’ve been saying, those are not enemy ships, and therefore there is no need to fire on them, Suleiman.” “That explanation was way too long.” (Chapter 868)

Bartolomeo Arc

  • “We’re the Barto Club, and we bring the ruckus!” (Chapter 869)
  • “First off, we’ll take down the greatest evil at the port.” (Chapter 870)
  • “Selling Straw Hat decals and a Luffy Senpai pin badge to the baddies at a ‘special’ price.” (Chapter 871)
  • “We were advertising half-price stickers to the public, but…?” (Chapter 873)
  • “A Yonko!? It doesn’t matter…!!!” (Chapter 875)

Sai Arc

  • “Don Sai of the Happo Navy: Returning Home” (Chapter 876)
  • Fiancée Uholisia: “Hey, I decided on the date for the wedding ceremony.” Sai: “I have something important to tell you, Uholisia.” (Chapter 877)
  • “The cancellation of the engagement and paying the expected price.” (Chapter 879)
  • “To think that I even thought of letting him be my 26th husband…” (Chapter 880)
  • “Don Sai and Baby 5’s wedding ♡” (Chapter 881)

Ideo Arc

  • “Sailing at sea with the ship he got from Orlumbus, but…!?” (Chapter 882)
  • “Since we saw you two quarreling, you’ll both be punished.” (Chapter 883)
  • “We ended up catching them…but it looks like the battle was part of the thousand year-long dispute between the Longarm and Longleg tribe.” (Chapter 884)
  • “Anchoring the ship on a deserted island…Let’s make a ship using all of the parts that haven’t been destroyed!!” (Chapter 885)
  • “We don’t care whether you reconcile or kill each other.” (Chapter 887)
  • “The Ideo Pirates – We started a pirate crew -” (Chapter 888)

Leo Arc

  • “We’ve become pirates” (Chapter 889)
  • “Boys! We’re gonna rebuild every last building in town!” (Chapter 891)
  • “From the people of Dressrosa.” (Chapter 892)
  • “We’re checking out our new pirate ship, The Usoland.” (Chapter 893)
  • “We’ve been assigned as escorts for the Reverie.” (Chapter 894)

Hajrudin Arc

  • “The top 5 earners of Buggy’s Delivery have resigned.” (Chapter 895)
  • On the deserter list of Buggy’s Delivery: The New Giant Warrior Pirates’ captain, Hajrudin. (Chapter 896)
  • On the deserter list of Buggy’s Delivery: The New Giant Warrior Pirates’ shipwright, Stansen. (Chapter 897)
  • On the deserter list of Buggy’s Delivery: The New Giant Warrior Pirates’ navigator, Road. (Chapter 898)
  • On the deserter list of Buggy’s Delivery: The New Giant Warrior Pirates’ cook, Goldberg. (Chapter 899)
  • On the deserter list of Buggy’s Delivery: The New Giant Warrior Pirates’ doctor, Gerth. (Chapter 901)

Orlumbus Arc

  • “The Yonta Maria Grand Fleet is Heading Out to Sea.” (Chapter 903)
  • “In the Standing Kingdom: The Trailblazing Adventurer Announce His Retirement.” (Chapter 904)
  • “The Pirate Life – At 6 AM: Folding Pajamas.” (Chapter 905)
  • “At 10:00 A.M. – Onboard Cleaning Check – The Fastidious Orlumbus and Columbus!” (Chapter 906)
  • “The 56 ship fleet Thief – A Tearful Departure ‘Thank you For everything.'” (Chapter 907)
  • “At 3:00PM – Drafting a piracy plan.” (Chapter 908)
  • “At 4:00PM – A pirates first campaign! Commence the assault!!” (Chapter 909)
  • “At 4:30PM – Because they were extremely poor, we gave them supplies instead.” (Chapter 910)
  • “At 5:00 PM – A grateful farewell. First Pirate Expedition: Failed.” (Chapter 913)

Side Story

  • “This is a dyed-goods town.” (Chapter 914)
  • “A pirate’s retirement…the dyed goods craftsman, Bellamy.” (Chapter 915)
  • “This town uses unrippable cloth.” (Chapter 917)


  • “Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance.” (first half) (Chapter 918)
  • “Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance.” (second half) (Chapter 919)
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