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VIVRE CARD- Booster Set- Baroque Works+Fishman Island

Most of the information is translated by u/EtenBoby
New detailed information by Artur

Baroque Works Agents’ bounties:

Agents Real Name Bounties Height
Mr. 1   Daz Bones   75 million Berries 212 cm
Mr. 2   Bentham  32 million Berries 238 cm
Mr. 3   Galdino  24 million Berries 179 cm
Mr. 4   Babe Ruth  3.2 million Berries 218 cm
Mr. 5 
 Gem  10 million Berries 197 cm
Ms. Doublefinger   Zara  35 million Berries 187 cm
Ms. Goldenweek   Marianne  29 million Berries 152 cm
Ms. Merry Christmas   Drophy  14 million Berries 156 cm
Ms. Valentine  Mikita  7.5 million Berries 177 cm


  • Crocodile’s ship’s name is “Baroque Gustave” (Something like this)
  • Trivia: “Gustave” is the name of a famous giant crocodile in Africa.
  • Crocodile’s card confirmed that he has a “weakness” , probably linked to what Ivankov said to him in Impel -Down!
  • Crocodile confirmed without haki like Koala!
  • Crocodile was defeated by Whitebeard after he became a Warlord!!!

Debut: Vol. 17 Ch.155
Ephitet: “Desert King” “Sir Crocodile”
Devil fruit: Suna Suna no mi
Haki: —
Clan: —
Former Warlord
Former Baroque Works President

Gender: Male
Ship: Baroque Gustave* (Barroku Gyusutabo)
Birthday: Sept. 5
Age: 46 years old
Height 253 cm.
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Bloodtype: Type S
Hometown: Grandline
Likes: Crocodile meat, Tomato
Bounty: 81 million ( Pre-Time Skip)

Known as “Sir”. The man that started Baroque Works who can manipulate sand!!
A young Warlord with the Sand Sand Fruit ability that lets him manipulate the sand. He conquered Alabasta and waged a war seeking for the ancient weapon
“Pluton”. However, his plans failed and his title as a Warlord was revoked.
He was jailed at impel down but he managed to get out with the help of Luffy. Together with Daz Bones, they participated in the Summit War and later on they went to the New World.

[ Connection to lvankov]
He has a “weakness” which relates to his past that he can’t oppose. He definitely have some kind of debt to lvankov.

He has the ability to manipulate his body which is made of sand while his right hand can absorb all the moisture on everything he touches and turns it to sand.
Right after he entered Grandline, Luffy taste his first defeat. Crocodile showed the difference between a Warlord and a rookie.
He revealed an intense emotion towards Whitebeard that he’s been keeping for so long. (A panel is shown where he shoots at Whitebeard at Marineford)

Gallery Memo
He already has a cool attitude since childhood. Even the female version kind of emits an aura that won’t let people go easily.


24 years ago: Witnessed Gol D. Roger’s execution
?? years ago: Became a Warlord
?? years ago: Defeated by Whitebeard
?? years ago: Established Baroque Works
6 years ago: Partnered with Robin in search for Pluton
2 years ago: Baroque Works collapsed. His title as a
Warlord was revoked.
2 years ago: Breakout of lmpel down. Participated in the Summit War.
Translated by “Doreiku” form Oro Jackson

On Robin’s card, there’s a technique “Cara(face) Fleur”, her face appeared on Chopper’s hat.
She also dislike bubble gums because you can’t swallow it.
She’s 28 yrs old and 188cm tall.
Real Name: Daz Bonez (yes, with a z)
Epithet: “Murderer Daz Bonez”
Birthday: January 1st
Age: 31 (new!)
Height: 2.12m (new!)
Blood Type: F (new!)
Hometown: West blue (new!)
Favorite Food: Mate Tea, Raw Ham (new!)
Bounty: 75,000,000 belly (new!) (HOLY SHIT)

Miss Doublefinger – 0181
Real Name: Zala (not Paula) (new!)
Epithet: “Poison Spider Zala” (new!)
Birthday: July 30th
Age: 28 (new!)
Height: 1.87m (new!)
Blood Type: X (new!)
Hometown: Grand Line (new!)
Favorite Food: Herb tea (new!)
Bounty: 35,000,000 belly (new!)
Her name during Alabasta was Paula(an alias). FYI.
Mr. 2 Bon Kurei – 0172
Real Name: Bentham
Epithet: “Bentham of the Wilderness” (new!)
Birthday: August 15th
Age: 32 (new!)
Height: 2.38m (new!)
Blood Type: F (new!)
Hometown: East blue (new!)
Favorite Food: Octopus Parfait, Kamairicha Tea (new!)
Bounty: 32,000,000 belly
Mr. 3 – 0147
Real Name: Galdino
Epithet: “Loan Shark Galdino” (new!)
Birthday: March 3rd Age: 37 (new!)
Height: 1.79m (new!)
Blood Type: F (new!)
Hometown: South blue (new!)
Favorite Food: black tea (earl gray), cookies dipped in tea (new!)
Bounty: 24,000,000 belly (new!)
Miss Goldenweek – 0148
Real Name: Marianne (new!)
Epithet: “Freedom’s Flag-bearer Marianne”
Birthday: April 29th
Age: 18 (new!)
Height: 1.45m (new!)
Blood Type: X-F (new!)
Hometown: North blue (new!)
Favorite Food: Crackers, black tea (new!)
Bounty: 29,000,000 belly (new!) (WTF?)
Mr. 4 – 0180
Real Name – Babe (new!)
Epithet: “Killer Catcher Babe” (new!)
Birthday: July 19th (new!)
Age:30 (new!)
Height: 2.18m (new!)
Blood Type: F (new!)
Hometown: Grand Line (new!)
Favorite Food: Apple Tea, Pizza (new!)
Bounty: 3,200,000 belly (new!) (OOF)

Lassoo – 0212
Species: Gun
Fruit: Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Dachsund
Birthday: January 4th (new!)
Favorite Food: Dog Food (new!)
Miss Merry Christmas – 0179
Real Name: Drophy (new!)
Epithet: “Town-Collapser Drophy” (new!)
Birthday: December 25th (new!)
Age: 51 (new!) Height: 1.56m (new!)
Blood Type: S (new!)
Hometown: Grand Line (new!)
Favorite Food: Orange Pekoe Tea (new!)
Bounty: 14,000,000 belly (new!)
Mr.5 – 0139
Real Name: Gem (pronounced “jem”) (new!)
Epithet: “Gem of the border”
Birthday: July 26th
Age: 26 (new!)
Height: 1.97m (new!)
Blood Type: X (new!)
Hometown: South blue (new!)
Favorite Food: Gunpowder, fine powder, gunpowder rice (new!)
Bounty: 10,000,000 belly (new!)
Miss Valentine – 0140
Real Name: Mikita (new!)
Epithet: “Courier Mikita” (new!)
Birthday: February 14th
Age: 24 (new!)
Height: 1.77m (new!)
Blood Type: X-F (new!)
Hometown: West blue (new!)
Favorite Food: Lemon Tea, Chocolate (new!)
Bounty: 7,500,000 belly (new!)


Fishman Island


  • Ryugu Family

  • Neptune is 70 yrs old
  • Queen Otohime passed away when she was 36
  • Fukaboshi is 24 yrs old
  • Mamboshi is 20 yrs old.
  • Shirahoshi is currently shorter in length than Neptune. She possess Observation Haki just like her mother.
  • Their entire family and the ministers like seafood, but since they’re mermen, they eat seaweeds,clams and sea beast milk instead of meat or fish.

  • Hacchan is 38 years old,and 220cm in height. His bounty is  8 million Berries. 
  • Madame Shyarly is 29 yrs old
  • Madam Shyarly avoids her half-brother Arlong, who only cares about revenge.
  • Ship of the Sun pirates: Snapper head
  • Surume (the Kraken) is 120 years old.

Fukaboshi – 0715
Birthday: February 4th
Age: 24 (new!)
Height: 6.04m (new!) (absolute unit)
Blood Type: S (new!)
Hometown: Ryuugu Kingdom
Favorite Food: Abalone Steak (new!)
Ryuboshi – 0716
Birthday: June 24th
Age: 23 (new!)
Height: 5.44m (new!)
Blood Type: S (new!)
Hometown: Ryuuguu Kingdom
Favorite Food: Mozuku Soup (new!)

Mamboshi – 0717
Birthday: March 30th
Age: 20 (new!)
Height: 4.73m (new!)
Blood Type: S (new!)
Hometown: Ryuuguu Kingdom
Favorite Food: Sea Cow Milk (new!)

Shyarly – 0723
Epithet: “Madam Shyarly”
Birthday: September 9th
Age: 29 (new!)
Height: 5.20m (new!)
Blood Type: X-F (new!)
Hometown: Fishman District
Favorite Food: black tea with rose jam (new!)
Madam Shyarly avoids her half-brother Arlong, who only cares about revenge.

Neptune – 0731
Epithet: “God of the Sea Neptune”; “Great Knight of the Sea”
Birthday: July 3rd
Age: 70 (new!)
Height: 12.20m (new!)
Blood Type: X (new!)
Hometown: Ryuuguu Kingdom
Favorite Food: Seaweed Salad (new!)

Hoe (Neptune’s Pet Whale) – 0732
Birthday: September 13th
Favorite Food: Squid (new!)


Minister of the Right – 0734
Birthday: April 5th
Age: 55 (new!)
Height: 3.13m (new!)
Blood Type: X-F (new!)
Hometown: Ryuugu Kingdom
Favorite Food: Shijimi Pizza (new!)
No real name revealed :/ 
Minister of the Right – 0735
Birthday: July 2nd
Age: 62 (new!)
Height: 4.35m (new!)
Blood Type: X (new!)
Hometown: Ryuugu Kingdom
Favorite Food: Scallop Sandwich (new!)
Also no name revealed :/ 

Shirahoshi – 0736
Birthday: April 4th
Age: 16
Height: 11.87m (new!)
Blood Type: X (new!)
Hometown: Ryuuguu Kingdom
Favorite Food: Sea Grape Pasta (new!) (sea grapes are a type of seaweed)
Confirmed Observation haki user, just like her mother (new!)

Megalo (Shirahoshi’s Pet Shark) – 0733
Birthday: April 4th
Favorite Food: Seal (new!)

Den – 0740
Birthday: August 10th
Age: 62 (new!)
Height: 4.35m (new!)
Blood Type: X (new!)
Hometown: Ryuuguu Kingdom
Favorite Food: Clams cooked with rice (new!)

Dw-Dw-LWZVYAEedw-BFisher Tiger – 0742
Birthday: November 5th
Age: 48 (time of death) (new!)
Height: 5.20m (new!)
Blood Type: S RH- (new!)
Hometown: Fishman District
Favorite Food: Grilled sea bream (new!)
Bounty: 230,000,000 belly
Ship of the Sun pirates: Snapper head
Otohime – 0744
Birthday: January 10th
Age: 36 (new!) (time of death)
Height: 2.24m (new!)
Blood Type: S (new!)
Hometown: Ryuugu Kingdom
Favorite Food: Marine Seaweed (new!)
Proficient Observation Haki user

Koala – 0747
Officer of the Revolutionary Army
Birthday: October 25th
Age: 23
Height: 1.60m
Blood Type: F (new!)
Hometown: Foolshout Island
Favorite Food: Gomuku chimaki (new!)
Bounty: SHE HAS ONE (new!)
No Haki from what it seems so far

Her card also includes a design of when she’s 26. She was taught fishmen karate by Hack. She joined the RA 9 yrs ago, when she was 14.
Aladdin – 0748
Birthday: January 31st
Age: 46 (new!)
Height: 6.27m (new!)
Blood Type: X-F (new!)
Hometown: Fishman District
Favorite Food: Watermelon (new!)
Bounty: He has one (new!)
He dislikes fighting and is more suited for life-saving doctor instead of pirate.
Hatchan – 0095
Epithet: “Hatchi of the Rokutoryuu (Six Sword style)”
Birthday: August 8th
Age: 38 (new!)
Height: 2.20m (new!)
Blood Type: S (new!)
Hometown: Fishman District
Favorite Food: Takoyaki, Takoyaki Crackers (new!)
Bounty: 8,000,000 belly (new!)
Surume – 0694
Former slave of the New Fishman Piraes
Species: Kraken
Birthday: June 9th
Age: 120 (new!)
Height: 300m (new!)
Blood Type: S (new!)
Hometown: North pole
Favorite Food: Crab (new!)

Momoo – 0101
Pet of the Caribou Pirates
Epithet: “Sea Cow Momoo” (new!)
Birthday: July 26th
Age: 16 (new!)
Height: 36m
Blood Type: S (new!)
Hometown: Grand Line
Favorite Food: Pork Maruyaki, Shark (new!)

Fullbody – 0073
Epithet: Ironfist Fullbody (former); Double Ironfist Fullbody (new!)
Birthday: September 7th
Age: 28 (new!)
Height: 1.84m (new!)
Blood Type: F (new!)
Hometown: North blue (new!)
Favorite Food: Wine (Itelzbulger Stein)
Koza – 0190
Birthday: May 26th
Age: 22 (new!)
Height: 1.77m (new!)
Blood Type: X (new!)
Hometown: Alabasta
Favorite Food: Fully-grilled Yakitori, Yuba’s water (new!)
Hina – 0224
Epithet: “black cage Hina”
Birthday: March 3rd
Age: 34
Height: 1.81 (new!)
Blood Type: F (new!)
Hometown: West blue (new!)
Favorite Food: Kebab, Champagne (new!)

Matsuge – 0188 (Eyelashes in some translations)
Birthday: August 17th (new!)
Age: 17 (new!)
Height: 1.90m (from toes to head) (new!)
Blood Type: X (new!)
Hometown: Alabasta
Favorite Food: Curry

Ex Characters:


The snakes that pulls the ship of the Kuja pirates are female.

You can also see the same here

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